Hyped up Apple customers expected an iPhone 5; they got a 4S. Next they thought they would get 200 new features with the iOS 5 software, instead they got an error message. Finally the long-awaited iCloud rose up over all gadgets, with Apple promising cable free synchronization, only to strike users with this note: iCloud back-up failed

iCloud is so much more than a hard drive in the sky, Apple told its customers prior to its launch on Wednesday. The service stores content, making it readily available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC, allowing users to access their email, music, contacts from any of their devices at any given time or place, and no cable is required. 

On Oct.12, Apple users took to their devices and linked them to iTunes with a USB cable, for what they thought would be the last time. (The iCloud service requires the latest iOS 5 software that can only be downloaded through the latest 10.5 version of iTunes.) The process created a major traffic jam on Apple's server, resulting in a new type of cloud, the blue apple message bubble, telling customers their back up had failed.

The iCloud, however, has not just brought doom and gloom across Apple forums; there are ways to solve the issue that are more efficient than waiting for the server traffic to clear up.

The most effective tip circulating Mac Forums is that users should simply connect their device to their iTunes account with a cable. When the summary page pops up they should click Back-up with iCloud,'  and that does the trick, apparentlywidth=2

Those stuck in the loop of selecting try again on their devices under the iCloud setup screen, are urged to cancel the iCloud back up option as an initial measure. Then when the device has been synced with iTunes they can switch the iCloud on in their device via Settings and the iCloud option.

Once connected to the service, some customers have had good things to say about it. @MarilynWalker says, In the words of Steve Jobs this is PRETTY COOOL, and  sanjayraygenie tells people that the cloud is bigger and better than people think.

Once you sign up for the service you automatically get 5GB of free storage, which is quite a bit considering the music, videos, apps and photo stream do not go towards filling this quota. If you need more storage, however, you can upgrade you account. 

Here are some everyday apps that are integrated into the iCloud: