Amid Donald Trump's steamrolling presidential campaign, many might have forgotten that only a little more than a year ago, the billionaire businessman was still the host of the NBC reality competition “The Apprentice.” Now, some of the show’s cast members who previously fought for the tycoon’s approval are speaking out against his campaign of “sexism, xenophobia, racism, violence and hate.” 

According to the Associated Press, six people who appeared on “The Apprentice” prior to its shift in format -- contestants with a business background have been replaced by D-list celebrities -- will hold a press conference in New York City on Friday aimed at completely denouncing the Republican front-runner ahead of the state’s primary on April 19. Among the former contestants are Season 4 winner Randal Pinkett and Season 1 runner-up Kwame Jackson. 

“As alums of ‘The Apprentice,’ we have had the opportunity to work with Donald in various capacities, including as employees of the Trump Organization,” Pinkett said in a statement. “Based on that experience and Donald's campaign, we do not believe he is worthy of becoming president of the United States.”

In response to this, Trump argued that he is the only reason anyone knows the names of these six individuals and believes they’re just out to get themselves back in the limelight by piggybacking on his name and brand. The GOP front-runner even went as far as to question the careers they’ve had since separating themselves from the reality show -- which doesn’t necessarily make his ultimate seal of approval on the show look too good.

But another “Apprentice” alum, meantime, has rushed to Trump's defense. People notes that the resident heel of Season 1, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, has had nothing but good things to say about the presidential hopeful in the past. She also told Inside Edition that America just needs to get to know him and defended him to The Wrap against what she called his "bullies." 

“Trump has been in the living rooms of homes since 2004. People have been rooting for him. They want to see him win, bought his books, his ties and colognes at Macy’s,” she said. “These people feel like they have an intimate relationship with him and they feel like they owe it to Trump to back him [against] all these people who are attacking him and bullying him.”