Android apps have been coming in thick and fast since the platform was first set up. The best part about the apps was that most of them were free for download. The downloadable gear came in all forms and types for the devices and was enough to keep you engrossed for hours.

The apps came in numbers, but here is a list of a chosen few which were free and really made a name for themselves and a memorable place in your android supported device.

ATM Hunter- Introduced by MasterCard, the app helps you find ATMs almost anywhere in the world which provides you the information via GPS location. The best part about the app is that it even tells you if the machine will charge you anything for the transaction.

Hound- For all those music freaks out there, and one of my most favorite, this proved to be a very popular application. You just need to speak out the name of a band or an artist or the song and the app will display every small detail about the song, photos related to the band or artist, and song lyrics. It also has the ability to provide information about tour dates.

Words with Friends- A Scrabble like game, or more like a clone. But you may think what can be so special about a scrabble game. Well, this has the ability to let you play with buddies who own an Android device as well as with your iPhone friends.

Netflix- Who doesn’t love one or two free movies on the go? That of course depends if you own a LG, HTC, Samsung or Motorola device. But if you do then Netflix is just the software for your device which lets you stream any movie for free which will be within your subscribed package.

uTorrent Remote- Lots of free download is something we all like doing at home. Now you can synchronize those files at home with the uTorrent Remote which even includes a start/stop command. The app, however, can only synchronize with uTorrent 3.0 Alpha. Now this does not mean I motivated you all to download free stuff using this app because piracy is a bad, bad thing. But this app is anyway handy if you still want to carry on.

Jajah- This allows you to call up your Facebook buddies for free when they are online. Your friends will get a chat message when you call them and they don’t even need to have the same application to respond to you but just click the link on the chat message.

TweetComb- Probably one of the best and the most stylish looking Twitter applications that was ever introduced for android tablets. The application hosts TweetDeck like column features which make it more attractive.

Amazon Free App Finder- And finally an app which lets you search for other apps on the web. This also shows you what more is available as the offer of the day. A reminder tool is also provided to keep you updated about your daily fixes which are also free.