It’s April Fools’ Day, which mean pranks will inevitably be pulled — even by your favorite celebrities! So, we’ve rounded up some of the silliest jokes made by red carpet stars that left us feeling foolish in 2016.

1. Brad Paisley’s Interesting New Single

The country crooner took to Twitter on Friday to release the name of his upcoming album.

2. Gwen Stefani’s Controversial Announcement

“The Voice” coach shared a sonogram image of a baby on her Instagram account. “It’s a girl,” the songstress captioned the photo, alluding that she and her boyfriend Blake Shelton are expecting a child together.


It's a girl ❤️_❤️gx

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However, many of Stefani’s followers thought the joke was in bad taste.

“I hope you are actually pregnant as I think his [sic] is the meanest more distasteful April fools joke!” Instagram user @cocof1981 wrote. “All those women who can’t get pregnant or have lost a baby! Shame on you if this is a  joke.”

3. Taylor Swift Wipes Out

In a collaboration with Taylor Swift, Apple Music released a commercial, titled “Taylor vs. Treadmill,” promoting their product in the silliest way possible. In the ad, the Grammy-winning artist breaks out in song to Drake’s “Jumpman.” But Swift looses her balance during her workout and slams face first into the machine. Ouch.


Based on true events. #TAYLORvsTREADMILL @applemusic @champagnepapi @future

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4. John Stamos’ Netflix Takeover

When Netflix users logged into their accounts on April 1st, they noticed something very strange about their account — it had been covered in John Stamos content. Categories were changed to read “Popular Like John Stamos Was in High School” and “Comedies John Stamos Thinks are Funny.”

But that wasn’t all. Netflix also featured a trailer of Stamos’ faux series “John Stamos: A Human, Being.” According to the streaming provider, the fake series would allegedly premiere April 31 — a date that doesn't exist.

5. Mark Zuckerberg Gets Stylish

The Facebook creator took a break from the internet to start his own fashion line — or at least, that’s what a prank led us to believe! The gag teased that the online innovator teamed up with H&M to launch a collaboration featuring his signature look, a gray t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

“One less thing to think about in the morning,” the collection’s tagline read, throwing a jab to what Zuckerberg had previously said about his low-key look.

6. Google Squashes Prank With “Silicon Valley” Star

Thomas Middleditch, who portrays Richard Hendrick’s in the HBO series “Silicon Valley,” teamed up with Google for a hilarious April Fools’ Day prank. In the joke, Middleditch stays in character as he works with the tech giant to advance compression.

“All of the problems in the world seem really big; but if we could make those problems really small, then they won’t seem as big,” Middleditch says, while embodying his character. “And then we can tackle them or squish them like giants.”

7. Jessica Lowndes’ Early April Fools' Day Prank

“90210” actress Jessica Lowndes and former “Saturday Night Live” actor Jon Lovitz fooled the internet into thinking they were engaged in March. However, their social media stint was to promote Lowndes’ new music video, “Déjà vu.”

“I came up with the idea for [the fake relationship] last week,” Lowndes told Entertainment Weekly. “I thought maybe it would get some traction, but I wasn’t expecting it to blow up like this.”

8. The Mountain Gives “Games Of Thrones” Fans Workout Tips

Hafthór Júlíus “Thor” Björnsson is one of the strongest humans on Earth, and that’s no joke! But his line of water is. The “Games of Thrones” star, who portrays The Mountain, the fiercest warrior in Westeros, released a fake commercial for his own brand of sparkling water.

“You have 2 kilos, 5 kilos and 10 kilos,” Björnsson explains in the faux ad, noting that if consumers can’t pick up his dumbbell-shaped water, then you can’t drink. “You die,” he adds.

9. Robert Downey Jr. Joins Team Cap

Tony Stark is switching sides! The “Iron Man” star posted a photo to Twitter stating he’s joining Team Cap … along with the caption, “Wink wink #aprilfoolsday.”

Marvel fans know that Downey’s character actually leads Team Iron Man in the upcoming flick “Captain America Civil War,” while Chris Evan’s character Captain America is the leader of Team Cap. The two super heroes will go head-to-head when the film hits theaters May 6, 2016.