width=286Blonde women are traditionally described as fun loving and less intelligent, but a new study reveals that they earn seven percent more on average compared to other women with other hair colors.

The University of Queensland showed that they also marry wealthier man, who earns six percent more than the husbands of any other woman.

This study surveyed 13,000 women and it was found out that the difference in pay remained the same even when other factors such as education and height were removed.

The research, which was reported in journal of Economic Letters, does not explain just why blondes have wealthier husbands and earn more.

But the leader of this study, Dr David Johnston, said: The reason behind this is that blonde women are often represented as more attractive than other women, and also less intelligent.

But it seems that the connection between blondes and beauty overlooks any perception that they have low intelligence.

 This could explain why the blondness effect is very evident in the marriage market.

However, Kristina Rihanoff, a blonde star from Strictly Come Dancing reality TV show, disagrees with it.

I don't think blondes get paid more.

On Strictly we all get the same money. But I think it makes me feel different because I'm blonde. I feel the sexiest and more beautiful when I'm blonde.

President of the International Blondes Association Olga Uskova said: Blondes have wealthier husbands because we are more outgoing, and most men are attracted to us.

Blondes also have a lot of confidence so we can date men who are powerful and important.

We also do well in the workplace because when we make any blunders we can say, 'Oh sorry about that, it's because I'm blonde' and gets away from it.