The first excitement from the San Francisco Giants victory in the 2014 World Series hadn't even worn off before a not-so-new question arose: Are they a dynasty now? It’s their third win in five years and Twitter users began to debate whether or not the Major League Baseball team had earned the title reserved for teams like the New York Yankees. 

As far as Wikipedia is concerned, the Giants are not a yet a dynasty, the Hill reported. An anonymous user kept trying to edit the Giant’s page to say the team had earned the titled, but reportedly kept getting shut down.

“I don't understand why people keep removing the Giants from the Baseball section,” the unnamed person wrote on a discussion page in Wikipedia’s back end. “There are a huge amount of reliable sources calling them a dynasty. They have won a majority of the championships over the last five years.”

That true, Business Insider said, but the Giants still cannot be considered a dynasty because they didn't perform well during the years in between wins. The news site conceded that it’s harder for a team in the early 2010s to be considered a dynasty since there are more teams in the league, creating more competition.

Still, for many, three World Series in five years was enough to qualify the Giants as a dynasty.

A sampling of their comments:

And here are tweets from the naysayers:

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