Supposed "new nude" pictures of pop star Miley Cyrus went viral on Twitter Tuesday. The starlet appears to be naked in a black-and-white photo that shows off some signature tattoos and her bold platinum pixie cut; but is it real?

For anyone curious to know if the newest naked picture of Cyrus, 21, to hit the Internet is authentic -- well, it's probably a fake. Here's a main reason: If Cyrus were going to strip for a legitimate photo shoot, she would most likely post the photo to her verified Twitter account herself.

Also, the “Adore You” singer does have various tattoos, which should help  in proving whether or not the nude body in the black-and-white picture in question belongs to Cyrus. A key problem, however, is that many of the singer's distinguishable tattoos are on her right side; in the picture, the woman is showing the left side of the body. For instance, Cyrus's well-known star-catcher rib tat is on her right side, which doesn’t help nor discredit the photo’s authenticity.


The most important tattoos missing from the picture are her most recent ones. For an interview feature with Rolling Stone, the former Disney star got “Rolling” tattooed on her left foot and “$tone” on the right one. In the naked picture being scrutinized, the feet are bare but just happen to be conveniently placed so they wouldn’t show in the image. She has two tattoos on her left arm, but considering the direction her arm is facing in the photo, they wouldn’t be shown anyway.


As far as piercings are concerned, her nose piercing is on the right. Her left ear has two cartilage piercings and three on the bottom, but they’re not clear from the picture, and also, a photo of her head could have been cropped to a nude body.


Here's something the picture did get right: The tattoo under her left breast correctly reads “just breathe.” Does that mean it’s actually authentic? But before people start to think that the nudie is the real deal, there appears to be a tattoo on the top of her left shoulder. Cyrus doesn’t have a tattoo there, unless it’s new, or just it's a bruise, or the picture is just a photoshopped hoax.



The picture seems to have been posted by the verified Twitter user TrapPat who has more than 100,000 followers. Mostly all the retweets that contain the “new Miley nude” include @TrapPat as the original source. 

Twitter users are mixed when it comes to the picture. Half think the picture is 100 percent fake while others are gawking over the seemingly flawless body in the picture.

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