“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s” Stevie J usually likes to be the one calling the shots, but it seems like both Joseline Hernandez and Mimi Faust are ready to move on from their tumultuous love triangle.

Even though Stevie J’s relationship with Faust is rocky, the two who share a daughter together are still a couple, the Examiner reported.

Stevie J played both the women throughout season 1 and even the first episode of season 2, but Hernandez made it clear she doesn’t want to mix love and hip-hop any longer.

"I still need to talk to him, he has too many distractions and it's affecting our work," Enstars quoted her telling the “LHHATL” cameras. "I don't want to waste my time in a relationship with Stevie. Mimi has been around for 15 years. She got all them wrinkles, she look like a old lady, she's always stressed out, she has nothing to show for it and she just wasted 15 years of her life. Joseline Hernandez ain't got time for that."

But she’s not ready to cut Stevie J out of her life just yet; the 26-year-old rapper still wants to continue their professional relationship.

"I can't do this no more Stevie," Hernandez told Stevie J in her bedroom. "I don't need this bad energy on me. With your baby momma, I can't do that."

Stevie J then said, "You can't look at it as bad energy. You get way more emotional than she gets too."

"The relationship, we gonna have to let this go. I just want to get to work," Hernandez replied. "I'm in a different space right now. I'm ready to be a star, ready to be what you promised me to be what we was gonna build together."

Later she adds that she’s going to start making her own phone calls soon if he doesn’t focus on her career because right now all he takes care of is his mouth and “beefcake.”

While watching the scene where Hernandez talked to Stevie J about their contract she said to VH1: “Look at him. Fake a– pimp,” and added, “I hate Stevie. I hate Stevie. I can’t take him. It’s too much.”

Stevie J thinks that he owns Hernandez, a claim she doesn’t at all agree with. In fact, she doesn’t believe she owes him any monet. “You having sex with me so that’s your 30 percent.” Knowing that’s not a legal way to pay someone, Stevie J told her, ”In life we got to grow up. Where ya contract mami, mamacita?”

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