With only two chances left to find their perfect match, tensions were high on Season 2, episode 9, of “Are You The One?” Monday night. After only securing five matches during episode 8’s choosing ceremony, the 15 remaining single house guests decided to use strategy instead of their hearts to pair up for the challenge.

After learning Nathan was not her match in episode 8, Christina agreed to team up with Layton during the challenge. Her decision to pair with Layton, however, did not stop her from continuing her flirtations with Brandon, her original partner in the house, despite knowing he was not her perfect match. 

“He’s going to be my number one when I leave this house,” Christina said.

The challenge

In the “Stuck Buddies” challenge, the cast was separated into pairs and forced to tie themselves together and to navigate through a human puzzle, over a balance beam and through an elastic jungle. The first three couples to complete the challenge would win a romantic date and earn the chance to win a trip to the truth booth. After a short-lived battle on the obstacle course, Brandon and Briana, Alex P. and Jasmine, and Nate and Ellie were awarded getaway dates. Layton and Christina placed fourth, barely missing their chance to win a date.

Back at the house

After Christina denied Nathan the chance at a relationship after realizing they were not a perfect match, the duo went head-to-head back at the house. After Nathan referred to Brandon as the “12-year-old” in the house, Christina threatened to respond with violence. Before she could throw the first punch, Brandon intervened. 

“She gave you a chance, but you didn’t make the cut. Okay? Honestly, bro, you’ve been on the back burner the whole time and you have no room to talk. It’s embarrassing and you’re a little puppy dog,” Brandon said. 

Nathan did not take his insults lightly, lunging at Brandon, but not before the house guests could stop him from causing any real damage. After being held back, Nathan went on to call Christina a “skank,” leaving her in tears. 

“If you were real you wouldn’t have left me 10 minutes after you found out we weren’t a f---ing match. I said I wanted to be with you,” Nathan said. “I said I wanted a relationship with you. I said I could see myself with you.”

Getaway dates

On their outing, the top three couples went go-kart racing and enjoyed a meal overlooking the rainforest. 

Despite his altercation with Brandon and Christina the previous night, Nathan put his issues outside to enjoy his date with Ellie. The duo even bonded over their troubled childhood and their goals. “The more I get to know Nate, the more I like him,” Ellie said.

Meanwhile, Alex P. had a tough time opening up to Jasmine on their one-on-one date. Despite his struggles sharing his emotions, he managed to call his connection with Jasmine “perfection.” She later admitted to also having strong feelings. 

“I’ve been single forever and now I have a guy in my life that I actually care about. Someone who I would love nothing more but to go to in the honeymoon sweet with,” Jasmine said. “I do think Alex is my perfect match. I really, really do.”

Truth booth

Unsurprisingly, the house agreed to vote in Alex P. and Jasmine for a visit to the truth booth. After a few tense moments, the duo was confirmed to be a perfect match.

“I’m so excited to spend the rest of my time here in Puerto Rico with this amazing girl,” Alex P. said. “Our connections are going to grow even stronger. This is amazing!” 

Choosing ceremony

After the choosing ceremony, eight couples were found to be perfect matches, including the four already confirmed by the truth booth. Below are the contestants who locked in during episode 9:

Nathan and Ellie

Garland and Jess

Layton and Ashley

Brandon and Briana

Dario and Tyler

Anthony and Alex K.

Christina was not chosen during the ceremony.

“Are You The One?” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.