Buenos Aires has no
Eiffel Tower, no internationally renowned museums, no must-see sight that
clearly identifies it as a world-class city. Rather, the essence of Buenos
Aires resides in singular encounters imbued with intence Latin spirit- a
flirtatious glance, a heartfelt chat, a juicy steak, an impassioned tango- to
create a vibrant and unforgettable urban experience

In the heart of this great country is Buenos Aires, the cosmopolitan capital,
gateway to South America, and for numerous reasons, a very spectacular place.
Buenos Aires is divided into barrios, or neighborhoods, each of which contains
its own character. Explore the barrios of Recoleta,
San Telmo, Palermo,
Puerto Madero, La
and El Centro for all that Buenos Aires has to

Argentina is a very big country that contains a number of very distinct
features and unique regions. North of Buenos Aires, The
Iguazu Waterfall
is one of the greatest wonders of nature in the
world. West of Buenos Aires, the wine regions are located around the lively
city of Mendoza. South of Buenos Aires, the
Atlantic coastline draws visitors that want to catch some sun on the beaches of
Mar del Plata and Pinamar. Also, only a
few hours by ferry from Buenos Aires, the visitor can find the quiet town of Colonia
del Sacramento, Uruguay
. Explore the beautiful colonial town taking
pleasure in the atmosphere, the food, and the shopping.

Further South, one finds the majestic area of Patagonia.
Breath-taking Bariloche is the capital of the Patagonian
lake region, and features excellent summer skiing, while enticing the sports
enthusiasts with various warm weather sports the rest of the year. El Calafate is famous for unbelievable
glaciers and hiking while Peninsula Valdes
has the greatest wildlife in Argentina. Tierra del Fuego is the Southern-most area
of Argentina and is the closest point to the Antarctic. Visit penguin colonies,
glaciers and encounter a great variety of wildlife.

Take a look at the Map of Argentina to understand the
geography and location of the main sites in this great country.

Argentina also offers visitors some of the greatest settings in which to enjoy
a number of sports activities. From June to September, ski
the great mountains found in Argentina. Argentina is also an excellent golfing
destination. Additionally, Argentina offers hiking,
and whitewater