Argentina's 1-0 World Cup group of eight win over Belgium Saturday afternoon sent a second South American country to the semifinals, creating the potential for a historic final match.

Both the Argentine and Brazilian national teams have storied World Cup histories, with seven titles between the two soccer-mad countries. But strangely the two had never both made the same World Cup's final four until Saturday.

With only two matches left before the final, the potential has never been higher for Argentina and Brazil to face off next weekend in what would be a hotly contested match either way. Brazil will face off this coming week against Germany, and Argentina will look to vanquish whoever wins the Netherlands-Costa Rica match.

For big World Cup fans, it may come as less of a surprise the two teams have never been in the same World Cup semifinals.

Brazil is the only team in the world that has qualified for and competed in every single World Cup -- winning a record five along the way -- but the Argentinians have not been quite as fortunate. Though they took home the World Cup trophy in 1978 and 1986, the team has not even made it to the semifinals since the 1990 World Cup, when they were beaten by Germany in the final.

Both teams face injuries to star players that will hamper their ability to play at the highest level in the semifinals, a situation that could contribute to one or both of them potentially losing in the coming round. Brazil star Neymar suffered a broken vertebrae during the country's win against Colombia on Friday. And Argentina's Ángel di María sustained a thigh injury during the match against Belgium.

Some people are pulling for a Germany vs. Brazil final, as the teams are seen as powerhouses with cross-Atlantic appeal. But ESPN currently ranks Argentina and Brazil as the two best teams in the world, and a showdown between them would be one for the ages. It all comes down to what happens this week.