Ariana Grande is at the center of a potential scandal after her ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks accused her in a Twitter rant on Sunday night of cheating on him with her new boyfriend. The Nickelodeon star denies her former lover’s allegations.

The 20-year-old singer has gone public with her new relationship with The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes, and her ex seems none too happy about it. The 18-year-old wrote in an extended Twitter post that “The Way” singer cheated on him and directed most of his ire towards Sykes. He was mad that the boy band star had essentially romanced his former girlfriend out of his arms.

"Yes I was cheated on. Yes it does suck. Yes I was left for another man," Brooks, 18, wrote. "And this happens everyday to so many people of every age, gender, race. I happen to be one of those people and I'm in a situation where I am constantly reminded of it every day."

"Nathan may be a top bloke or a sweet person, but what he did was just completely wrong," Brooks wrote. "He interfered with my life and did not respect my relationship, his actions caused me to not be able to sleep at night and not see the world as a beautiful place."

"Nathan if you read this, when you hold her hand you better hold it tight because you are holding my world," he added.

On Monday the Aussie was still noticeably upset about the breakup and added, “I remember the days when my biggest worry in life was choosing what flavour cereal I was going to eat for breakfast.”

Grande took the opportunity Monday to address the post in a respectful, classy manner and also reminded her fans to keep their self-respect during stressful situations.

"Woke up this morning in complete and utter shock …I guess I shouldn't be so surprised," she wrote. "You said to me if I didn't come back to you, you'd make me look bad to the entire world. …I'm no longer afraid of you or your lies anymore. I'm going to be the lady my mother raised and carry myself with class and dignity…But I will never be any man's press opportunity."

But not even a scorned lover can get the best of Grande: "Girls… RESPECT YOURSELVES," she continued. "Keep your head held high and speak only kind words. Know your truth… no one can ever take that away from you. It's always ok to defend yourself. My fans know what kind of person I am. Never let any man discredit u or the values you were raised with. I'm finally happy. Words can't hurt me anymore."