Ariana Grande underwent a platinum make-over for her “Focus” music video and revealed in an interview that her inspiration was someone very close to her.

In Grande’s new music video, the 22-year-old singer sported white platinum locks instead of her usual dark hair. The platinum make-over was something that the singer has been considering for a while. Grande told Entertainment Tonight at the backstage of the iHeartRadio theater Friday that she wanted to “do [her] ponytail in white” for some time now, and if not white, “a different color.” 

Grande added that her inspiration for the platinum look was her beloved grandmother. "I actually was sitting opposite my Nonna,” she said.  “And I was like, 'Nonna, I love your white hair. It's so beautiful.'"

The “Almost is Never Enough” crooner also confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that she did use a wig to accomplish her platinum make-over, however, she also shared that she might consider changing her hair color in the future. 

"I think one day I would totally rock [blonde hair] if they come up with a miracle bleach that doesn't destroy everything," she said. "I feel like every little project is just like a little character…”

Grande also commented that she has been “enjoying switching” her hair styles “a little more,” before she jokingly added, "I say that with my ponytail that I've been sporting for a year."

Apart from talking about her hairstyle, Grande also revealed to Entertainment Tonight that the mystery male voice in her new “Focus” single is Jamie Foxx. The “Problem” singer described their collaboration as “so exciting” and “awesome.” She added, “He definitely added that whole James Brown feel that we were going for."

Meanwhile, aside from working on her third album “Moonlight,” Grande also participated in the “We Love Disney” album, Entertainment Weekly reported.  For the album, Grande sang a cover of “Zero to Hero” from the Disney movie, “Hercules.” The Disney album also features other artists such as Gwen Stefani, Ne-Yo and many more. 

The “We Love Disney” album is now available on iTunes. The release date for Grande’s upcoming third studio album “Moonlight” has yet to be announced.