Scream Queens had its premiere Tuesday on Fox channel, which featured a variety of cast including two of the most admired current pop stars, Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande. Fans hoping to see more of the two on the show will be happy to know that they are set to return on future episodes of the Fox series.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Grande plays Kappa minion, Chanel No. 2, who died at the first hour of the show, in a funny text battle with the Red Devil. However, she will not be gone for the show long as she will eventually come back, Entertainment Weekly reported.

“She comes back I believe in episode 6 and maybe more. She’s recurring definitely. Everyone thinks she’s gone but she’s not gone," Scream Queens’ co-creator Ryan Murphy said, adding that they’re still not sure yet as to how the character that Grande is playing will be returning.

“I wouldn’t say ghost. Nothing you think is happening is happening on the show. You think some people are dead—they’re not dead,” Murphy was quoted saying.

As for Jonas’ character on the show, his portrayal of Boone is just hilariously funny. Asked about his character on the show, Jonas said, “Boone is very intense. He’s got a lot under the surface that you don’t see at first, and it all unravels as the show goes on,” ET Online reported.

Jonas also expressed that he feels honored in supporting the LGBT community for playing his second gay character on TV. In the show, he is harboring a crush on his university golf fraternity brother, Chad Radwell.

“I’ve been so honored to play some really strong gay characters,” Jonas said, in reference to his playing character Nate Kulina in the TV series, Kingdom.

The character specializes in grappling and wrestling, but the real fight is within himself. The finale of its first season showed that Nate might be gay when he drunkenly found solace in another man’s embrace after being kicked from a gay bar.

As for Boone’s character in Scream Queens, just like Grande, he will be on and off on the show. Jonas revealed, “You’ll have to watch to see but basically, you can expect the unexpected with my character. I do kind of come in and out [of the series] which I think is a little fun element to the role.”