Two young lovers killed themselves on Monday, allegedly amid fear that they would be broken up. Ariana O'Neal, 21, and Davon Smallwood, 25, jumped in front of an LIRR train Monday, leaving a suicide note behind.

O'Neal and Smallwood have a two-year-old daughter but felt pressure on their relationship because O’Neal’s mother did not want the father near their Queens Village home. 

Smallwood had gotten in trouble with the police, and the woman's mother did not want him around her daughter. “Her mom didn’t want the boyfriend living with all of them,” her landlord, Kinsley Senior, told the New York Post. “She didn’t like him.”

Most of the suicide note left behind was illegible, according to sources. But the tragic couple wrote, in part, “Two great people” are going to “paradise,” in a blue pad that was found on the platform in Hollis, Queens, where they leaped to their deaths in front of a speeding LIRR train Monday night around 10 p.m. One-hundred-twenty-five passengers were on the train at the time, and it was held at the station for almost two hours.

The train was traveling 80 mph, according to MTA officials, which is the “maximum allowable speed.” Though the train conductor saw the couple, he was unable to stop in time. The impact cracked the train’s windshield.

“Everything will be good,” the suicide note also said.