A tweet suggesting that the Arizona court room where suspected murderer Jodi Arias was scheduled to recieve her sentencing this week was wired with explosives led to the arrest of a teenager suspected of the terrorist threat.

Laquint Cherry, 18, was taken into custody Thursday after threatening to detonate explosives following the reading of the verdict at Arias’ trial in Phoenix. Despite the threats, bomb squad officials said no explosive devices were located on the premises.

“Planted some IEDs in the #jodi arias Superior Court room in Phoenix Arizona tomorrow I'll become a HERO and also shot by pigs once I unload,” Cherry tweeted, SoftPedia reported Friday. The teen’s Twitter account has since been deleted.

CBS News reported that officials located the alleged bomber by tracing the account’s Twitter activity to Value Place Motel in Phoenix, where ammunition was also found. Cherry’s girlfriend, Christina Hogan, was questioned and released.

Local police claim Cherry tweeted other threats, including his wish to kill law enforcement officers and his desire to not be captured alive by authorities. The teen is currently facing felony charges.

Cherry isn’t a stranger to violence. The teen’s YouTube account, which has been active since 2009, show’s his love for war video games and neo-Nazi training camp documentary, commenting, “I like to kill people. I’m trying to become PRO,” asking the documentarian in 2011 to bring him to Russia to train.

The teen commented on his love for murder again on a video showing a cop beating up a 15-year-old girl in custody, saying, “I like killing people, but the police shouldn’t be able to get away with it legally.”

On Wednesday, Arias was found guilty of first-degree murder after the 2008 death of her boyfriend, Jason Alexander.