The Arizona Department of Public Safety strengthened its computer network on Friday after hacking group LulzSec hacked Arizona DOP computers and posted a cache of files labeled as training manuals, emails and intelligence documents.

LulzSec accessed the email accounts of eight officers in rural areas of Arizona after breaking a weak spot in their system.

It posted confidential documents from Arizona police on its website in retaliation for the SB1070 law, and the racial profiling anti-immigrant police state.

“We had successfully stolen 700 DPS files,” Lulz security said in a bulletin on Thursday afternoon.

“The hack did not affect the agency’s larger servers and the information contained in the server,” a DPS official said.

Lulzsec with Anonymous has recently declared war against the government sites, banks and big corporation under operation ‘Anti-Sec’. The group has recently targeted government websites to make political statements.

The eight officers whose e-mails were attacked were part of a separate, outdated system that did not require users to update their passwords on a regular basis, the Arizona Republic reported.

We were already in the process of changing that system. Obviously, this will make us go a little faster. The documents obtained by LulzSec were either e-mail attachments or stored on the hard drive of the computers used by the officers,” he added.

Harrison declined to comment on the measures the department is taking to contain the breach. However, he said that the department's information-technology team immediately changed the officers' passwords and blocked external access to DPS servers on Thursday afternoon after the breach but the servers were brought online again on Friday afternoon.



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