LulzSec website goes down
Hackers hack hackers; LulzSec website gets hit by DDoS attack. LulzSec

Hacking group LulzSec, which recently declared war against government entities, released a cache of stolen files in a move to end the 50 days of cyber havoc. It's time to say bon voyage. Our 50-day journey has expired and we must now sail into the distance, LulzSec wrote in a message posted on its website.

Lulz Security, which became infamous after hacking multinational corporations and government agencies, issued a statement on Saturday night thanking supporters.

LulzSec initially hacked Sony, but did not claim the responsibility. The group also attacked other companies, including Nintendo Co. and broadcaster PBS, as well as government entities such as a Federal Bureau of Investigation affiliate, the Senate and the CIA, WSJ reported.

LulzSec compromised roughly 100 million users' personal information.

The group recently hacked Arizona Department Public Safety computer and posted a cache of files labeled as training manuals, emails and intelligence documents as a form of protest against the state controversial immigration law.

The group has claimed its attacks to raise awareness of poor security and to have fun, the report said.

The group, in its last message, posted files that included documents, it claimed to have been poached from AOL Corp., AT&T Inc. and the FBI.

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