A 65-year-old Arkansas man who allegedly urinated on the carpet of a Radio Shack and told cops he “had to pee bad” was arrested on public intoxication and criminal mischief charges over the weekend.

An officer who responded to the Radio Shack in Paragould, Ark., noticed that John Posey’s pants were unzipped and he had bloodshot eyes, was unsteady on his feet, and “smelled of intoxicants,” according to a police report obtained Wednesday by the Smoking Gun.

Posey told police he was just shopping in the Radio Shack and denied urinating on the store’s carpet. But the officer said a store display smelled of urine and was showed a wet spot on the floor by the store’s manager, according to the report.

After the officer spoke again to Posey, he allegedly admitted urinating in the Arkansas Radio Shack.

“I had to pee bad [sic],” the 65-year-old reportedly told police. When asked why he didn’t ask to use the store’s bathroom, Posey allegedly responded, “stores usually won’t let you … so I didn’t ask.”

Posey was taken to the Greene County Jail and charged with public intoxication and criminal mischief.

The manager of the Radio Shack told police that Posey’s accident caused more than $450 in damages, including a ruined TV and damaged carpet tile that needs to be replaced.