There is not much that Arnold Schwarzenegger cannot do. The bodybuilder turned actor turned California governor is now returning to the silver screen. With several films in production, Schwarzenegger is sporting a rather interesting haircut for one of his latest projects.

Schwarzenegger's next movie, “The Last Stand,” will hit theaters on Jan. 18. The action flick is directed by Jee-woon Kim (“A Tale of Two Sisters”), who is making his Hollywood debut, and also stars Johnny Knoxville.

In “The Last Stand,” Schwarzenegger plays Sheriff Ray Owens. During his press tour for that film, he has had a normal haircut.

It's for another movie that Schwarzenegger has been forced into the unflattering haircut. Schwarzenegger will be starring in “Ten,” whose release is currently slated for Jan. 24, 2014. “Ten” is directed by David Ayer (“End of Watch”) and also stars Malin Akerman, Sam Worthington, and Joe Manganiello.

In a “Ten” production still of Schwarzenegger -- as seen on IMDB -- his haircut looks pretty normal, shaved at the bottom, cropped close on the sides, and slicked back. While Schwarzenegger is portraying his character, John "Breacher" Wharton, on the set, the haircut does not look so bad. It's when Schwarzenegger leaves the set of “Ten” that the haircut becomes a topic of conversation.

TMZ weighed in on the haircut, noting that the stark contrast between the supposed hair dye used by Schwarzenegger and the buzzed edge of his hairline.

And comedian John Powers posted a photograph of the actor on Twitter, saying, “Hey @Schwarzenegger, Forrest Gump called, he wants his haircut back.”

Schwarzenegger reacted to Powers' comment, but he wasn't too upset about the joke, shrugging it off because he is, after all, Schwarzenegger, the Atlantic Wire noted.

You can view Schwarzenegger's haircut in motion as seen in this video of the actor speaking at a United Nations benefit.