“Arrested Development’s” second episode of season four follows the patriarch of the Bluth family, George Sr. Check out the five funniest moments from episode two, “Borderline Personalities.”

Barry Zuckerkorn’s Past


Every wonder how Barry Zuckerkorn became the Bluth family lawyer? We finally have the answer! Barry’s father was young Lucille and George Sr.’s lawyer. He brought his son with him to meet with the Bluths on his first day back in the country after attending law school.

Lucille wanted to know if they should have a plan if they make a mistake “or get caught” with their bookkeeping. George asks if it’s possible to become a “no liability corporation,” but their lawyer tells them to avoid doing anything illegal. Barry asks to make a suggestion and tells the Bluths to “take to the sea.”

“No rules, pirate radio laws,” he explains. “Is this true?” George asks Barry’s father. He responds, “Sure.” Barry then continues that you can’t try a husband and wife for the same crime … something he has said in the earlier seasons of “Arrested Development.”

Hair fight


George goes to Stan Sitwell to sell the rest of the Bluth stock to help Lucille in court. Stan tells George that he’s not interested because he has a big project in the works, and George decides to take a low blow – a dig at Stan’s alopecia.

“You’ll never have this,” George says gripping the little hair that he has on his head. The two get in a hair-pulling scuffle when George tries to take a peek at the mysterious project Stan has in the works (building a 5-mile wall on the Mexico border).

Sexy Time For George And Lucille


It’s revealed that Lucille and George’s divorce is actually a hoax. They decide to tell Michael to throw him off their trail of stealing the Mexico border wall out from under Stan Sitwell. “We haven’t had sex since Christmas,” George tells Michael.

“I’m sorry, you had sex seven weeks ago,” says Buster, shocked. “They were remodeling my room and I pulled my cot in there just like camp."

“We yelled at you to leave,” says Lucille. “But then you whispered ‘don’t pull out,’” continues Buster angrily. Surprisingly crude for “Arrested Development!”

No Smoking

Lucille is on house arrest but found a way around her apartment's strict no-smoking policy – using Buster’s mouth to blow her smoke into. It takes their odd mother-son relationship to a whole new level.

Ray Romano Shout Out


In the desert with his twin brother Oscar, George decides to indulge in some hallucinatory drugs when Oscar tells him that last time he saw a young Liz Taylor. When the brothers take the drug they don’t see Liz – but instead a divine spirit personified as an ostrich (and Richard Burton).

The spirit says that they are trespassing on ancient ground and must leave the land or it will change them. “Don’t worry, he’s probably just from a local reservation,” George says to Oscar. “How about you book me two nights for Ray Romano at your casino,” George says to the spirit. “The strong will become the weak,” the spirit responds. “The weak will become the strong.”

“And can you get us close to the front,” George continues, ignoring the spirit. “Not too close that Ray talks to us.”