It was a busy and emotional midseason finale for ‘”Arrow” Wednesday night on the CW. The League of Assassins showed up in Starling City to pay Oliver (Stephen Amell) a visit and give him 48 hours to find out who killed Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) before they started killing innocent people. Oliver met the deadly deadline, finding Sara’s murderer, but, unfortunately, the killer was not who he expected.

After the League of Assassins threat, Team Arrow set to solving the Black Canary murder, but things were complicated with Oliver’s DNA having been found on the arrow that killed Sara. One explanation for this was that Thea (Willa Holland), Oliver’s sister, was the killer, but Oliver did not like that theory. Unfortunately, Oliver did not get a choice when Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) showed up with a video of Thea committing the murder. Apparently, Malcolm had used the plant Votura to control Thea’s mind and force her to kill for him. His motive? He wanted Oliver to take the rap for killing Sara and be forced to face-off with the leader of the League of Assassins, Ra’s Al Ghul (Matt Nable), in a trail by combat. If Oliver killed Ra’s Al Ghul then Malcolm would not have to worry about his debt to the legendary killer.

Oliver had no choice but to accept Malcolm’s plan and assume responsibility for Sara Lance’s death. The decision set up an epic showdown between the Arrow and Ra’s Al Ghul, but it was not much of a fight. Ra’s Al Ghul dominated Oliver, stabbing him with Oliver’s own sword before pushing him off a cliff. Fans were left wondering if Oliver would even survive.

Is Olvier dead? Will Malcolm ever pay for setting Oliver up to take the fall (and basically killing Sara)? Fans will have to wait for “Arrow” to return in January 2015 with the second half of Season 3 to find out.

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