The original sidekick on the CW’s “Arrow” is returning to the show after seemingly leaving Star City for good in Season 3. It was previously announced that Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) will return to rejoin Team Arrow on an adventure later this season, and now there’s some evidence as to what the character will bring back to the fold. 

Speaking to TV Line, “Arrow” executive producer Wendy Mericle teased some details about the show’s midseason return and what’s in store for the back half of episodes in Season 4. Among the information revealed was the fact that the show will address Thea Queen (Willa Holland) and her dependence on whatever magic the villain Damien Darhk bestowed upon her to satiate her bloodlust, which Mericle said will present a “moral question” for her brother Oliver (Stephen Amell). 

For those that may need a refresher, Thea was near death in Season 3 when her brother brought her to the Lazarus Pit to be revived. The waters worked, but when she returned she had a powerful need to kill people that simply couldn’t be cured. That is, until she met Darhk who performed some kind of magic on her that’s kept her relatively free of murder ever since. However, with showrunner Marc Guggenheim promising the feud between Oliver and Darhk will come to a head very soon, Thea may need to decide between Team Arrow and the only man that can keep her from killing innocent people. Then again, given Mericle's comments, perhaps the decision will somehow be left up to Oliver.

Previously, Thea was brought on as the red-clad sidekick to Oliver Queen after Roy faked his own death in order to take the fall for being the Green Arrow to police. Prior to taking the fall, Roy’s biggest claim to fame, other than being a secret vigilante, was the fact that he was romantically involved with Thea. Unfortunately, he left town just before her life got super interesting and the whole bloodlust thing started. According to Entertainment Weekly, the character will return in episode 12 of the hit drama and stay for an undetermined amount of time. With Thea struggling to maintain her humanity, perhaps it might take the likes of her ex-boyfriend to remind her she’s a hero at heart. Then again, with Haynes returning to the show, perhaps it’s time for Thea’s “Speedy” persona to leave Team Arrow and Roy’s “Arsenal” to take over in the red costume once again. 

Fans have to wait until the show returns Jan. 20 to see how it all shakes out in the second half of “Arrow” Season 4.