After the latest episode of “Arrow” saw the team take down the principal villain of Star City, no one is quite sure where the superhero show will go in the remaining episodes of Season 4. However, thanks to a newly-released teaser image, fans have been given a small clue as to what to expect when the CW series returns from its brief hiatus.

The photo in question was posted to the show’s official Facebook page in order to tell fans that the most recent episodes are available to stream online for free. In it, Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) can be seen standing while holding a small mechanical orb. The item looks a lot like a T-Sphere, the weapon developed by Felicity’s employee, new best friend and tech genius Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum).

Arrow A new poster for "Arrow" Season 4 shows Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) sporting a bit of technology from her trusty new ally Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum, not pictured). Photo: The CW

Savvy fans may have noticed Holt attempt to use one of these non-lethal weapons against Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) when he returned to the show in Season 4 as a thief being blackmailed into stealing technology from Smoak’s company. As for the item’s significance in the photo, ComicBookResources notes that it could hint at Holt’s expanded role in the series when it returns on March 23. Since his introduction, Holt has been popping up more and more to help Felicity and Team Arrow with various projects and new technologies. The most recent case being when he developed a small chip that allowed his boss to walk again after being paralyzed in a vicious attack by Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), hence the reason she’s standing in the promotional photo. 

It would make sense for “Arrow” to expand Holt’s role in Star City as the character comes with a lot of clout from the DC Comics source material. As previously reported, Curtis Holt is the alter ego of Mr. Terrific, a genius Olympic athlete that's well-versed in martial arts and uses his skills to fight crime. Holt’s character on the show has all of those traits, but has not donned a costume of his own just yet. However, when Kellum got the role in October, he told The Wrap that he would eventually fulfill his comic book destiny. 

“In the comic books, the character was motivated to become Mr. Terrific through tragedy. I can’t really say how Curtis becomes Mr. Terrific, but I think it will be some type of event that happens that pushes him to want to do more for the city and in general.”