“Arrow” may have finally revealed Prometheus…at least they want us to think they have. In Season 5, episode 6, the CW drama ended the hour by revealing that Prometheus’ throwing stars are made from Oliver’s old arrows. That means someone from SCPD who had access to the evidence locker is Prometheus. Quentin Lance is shown holding one throwing star at the end of the episode, implying that the former detective is trying to kill Oliver — and that just seems unlikely for a variety of reasons.

1. Alcoholism — It isn’t too difficult to see that Lance (Paul Blackthorne) is still grieving the loss of Laurel (Katie Cassidy), and that could be his motive. However, the deputy mayor’s go-to move for dealing with tragedy is typically self-destruction. He’s drinking again, which also raises a lot of questions about how he could possibly put together a plan this complicated.

2. Archery — We’re just supposed to believe that Lance became a master archer while no one was looking? Bullets are a lot more efficient, and Quentin has been using guns for years. It’s an odd weapon of choice.

3. Access To SCPD — The arrows that were used to make the throwing stars were in the SCPD evidence locker. Lance was fired long ago. Would the cops just let the deputy mayor walk in and take what he pleases? 

4. Teaming Up With Criminals — Working with Tobias Church (Chad L. Coleman) just doesn’t seem like something Lance would do. His sudden hatred for Oliver (Stephen Amell) wouldn’t blind him to the crimes of others. Also, it’s hard to believe he would kill Church or anyone else. Quentin Lance isn’t much of a murderer.

5. Season 1 Connection — The executive producers of “Arrow” Season 5 have consistently said that Prometheus is someone that Oliver accidentally created in Season 1. Are they really going to claim that Lance has hated Oliver for years and has just been secretly working towards this?

It seems like Lance somehow managed to end up with a throwing star, but “Arrow” is going to have to do some serious work to make us believe that he’s the murderer using them. However, the people of Star City might not be as bright. Someone could be trying to frame Lance for the Prometheus’ crimes.

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