The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles is stirring things up with their new exhibition on graffiti and street art. Featured artists range from the famous (and favorite amongst hipsters in their mid to late twenties) Banksy, to artists of a smaller caliber. The exhibit is called Art in The Streets, but the artwork spans a large canvas of street art including Darth Vader masks and scrap metal. 

Street art has made a name for itself through artists such as Banksy, who often use social commentary or provocative content to pique the interest of viewers. 

At times, street art has received a bad rap, viewed as nothing more than graffiti, a word used all too often with a negative connotation. But as is the case with many forms of art, there are always a few people who manage to take art beyond the confinements of social acceptance and norm. 

However some people are having a negative reaction to the exhibit, blaming it for etchings left in the windows of Little Tokyo's historic neighborhood's visitor center. 

Though some residents are not taking a liking to the exhibit, critics are praising the work, describing the art as stunning and the ambiance as near-overwhelming.