Ashley Duncan's parents are yet to comment on what may have caused their teenage daughter to take her own life on Monday. The 17 year old completed suicide after making several unhappy social media posts. However, a recent tweet by actress Keke Palmer, suggests that Duncan was experimenting with ecstasy before taking her own life.

People don't realize that ecstasy causes depression, Palmer tweeted on Monday.

After a while your serotonin receptors, that NATURALLY create that 'happy' emotion. Stop working..., she added.

The Joyful Noise actress went on to tell her fans about tough times in her own teenage years.

I've felt silenced but I said 'HEY!! I'm hurt, I'm angry!' even of no one listens!

Palmer offered advice to other teenagers through her tweets, advising them to write their feelings down.

You are put on this earth to learn and to make a change in your life or someone else's life, whatever! Just know YOU HAVE A REASON!

Before taking her life, Duncan said she had gotten a gun.

I finally got a gun, she tweeted after posting a picture of a revolver on her Twitter page. Investigators believe she ended her life with the same gun, the Daily Mail reported.  

Her friends thought she was joking when they read her tweets. I didn't exactly pay attention to it because she would always play around, Theresa Sosa told KHOU in Houston. I never thought she was serious. 

According to her friends, she was popular at high school and had thousands of followers on Twitter and Tumblr. Some comments that have been circulating since her suicide suggest Duncan took a darker turn after experimenting with ecstasy.

Life ain't worth the pain. If you know or have known what it feels like to want to die every minute second hour day week month year then you feel me.... I might not struggle financially but I struggle emotionally and mentally and I think that's the worst struggle, she wrote on Sunday.

So in asking why can't it be my choice to die now? ... I'm miserable. One day I won't be here anymore and that'll be the happiest day of my life... I'm tired and I'm done with this life.

On the same say she tweeted, It's like God is torturing me by keeping me here.'the only thing that made me happy is gone...I'm miserable. The 'thing' Duncan referred to is thought to have been a love interest, although none of her friends have confirmed it.

Although Duncan's mother hasn't commented on speculation about drug abuse in her daughter's suicide case.She told Fox 26, Parents should pay more attention to their kids, and kids should talk, not text. 

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