Asus Eee Pad Tranformer Prime may be the best Android Tablet out there, but it's not so good people who want an iPad 2 are going to change their mind. Unless they are very open minded and have done more research than most, they may not even hear about the Transformer Prime. Part of that is a marketing issue because Apple spend millions on advertising and Asus doesn't. Furthermore, the Transformer Prime release date has been pushed back in the U.S, so it won't be here until after Christmas. That is a huge loss for Asus, but even if it had come out in time, it still probably wouldn't have put a dent in iPad sales.

Asus has real winner on their hands with the Transformer Prime, not only because it has a good pedigree, (Asus components are very popular among computer hobbyists) but its predecessor, the Eee Pad Transformer was an excellent device. Prime is a 10-inch tablet with 32 gigabytes of internal storage, eight megapixel rear-facing camerea, micro HDMI port and is the world's first quad-core tablet. That doesn't mean it's twice as fast as the iPad, but it's close. It's a bit lighter than the iPad, gets better battery life, and better resolution. They both cost $500.

iPad 2 comes in three varieties (16, 32 and 64 gigabytes), is super thin and has a couple of unique features called video mirroring and instant on. Instant on, obviously, refers to iPad's quick boot time. Video mirroring is what Apple calls hooking up your iPad to your HDTV. There is a cable and special adapter, but you also need an HDMI cable for the Transformer Prime, so they're kind of equal on that feature.
Finally, Transformer Prime will get the Android 4.0 update in the next few months. That should make it the best tablet out there right now. With the Android 3.2 its currently running, it's very close to iPad 2, but with the update, it's better. Transformer Prme wins the tablet war this round. If you go check out these devices at the store, be sure to use this as a guide. Also be sure to stroll around the homecreen and see if you like the way it's layed out and how easy it is find the things you want. This hands on time is super important because people often get a feeling for a device right away, and if you like it in the store, you'll likely use it more at home. Tell us in the comments if you're waiting for the Prime launch.

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