iPhone 5 Concept
iPhone 5 Concept Thisismynext

Why not both? Oh, you don't have an extra $600 or $700 lying around, eh? You could wait until March or April next year to buy an iPhone 5 or buy a Samsung Galaxy Nexus this year. While Apple is keeping characteristically quiet about the next iPhone, it's likely to have a larger screen, better battery, and maybe even 4G or a quad-core processor build. Galaxy Nexus is 4G, has a huge 4.65-inch display and runs the all new Android 4.0 system that promises to bring a soul to the Android system. The new system update features dozens of changes and additions that are supposed to make mobile devices more fun, but also easier to use.

iPhone 5 could also surprise us with a redesigned body, maybe even a tapered tear drop look. No need to wait for such an ergonomic device because the Galaxy Nexus features a curved display that fits the curves of the hand. iPhone 5 could also debut a more powerful Siri, the voice recognition software that takes dictation and can perform Web searchers by hearing your voice. This is a feature that may tip you over into the wait for iPhone 5 camp. Galaxy Nexus does have a voice typing feature that offers a continuous open microphone experience and streaming voice recognition. This feature allows you to dictate the text you want and say it in your own way. One of Siri's strong points is that you don't have to use certain keywords or talk like a robot for it to understand you.

One final feature that iPhone 5 could debut with is a near field communication chip that would allow for tap-to-pay type transactions at retail shops. Several other devices include this technology, and Galaxy Nexus is one of them. Andorid 4.0 make use of it in its Android Beam feature. It lets two devices with NFC chips to instantly exchange data just by tapping the devices together. No Wi-Fi needed. Additionally, Galaxy Nexus comes equipped with front and rear-facing cameras, 32 gigabytes of internal storage, is super thin and can record video at 1080p resolution. It's only on Verizon and costs $300 on contract. Let us know in the comments if you are torn between Apple and Android phones.