Asus' Transformer Prime TF700T (HD) tablet is due out this summer, and it's not alone. There are five other tablets due out in the next few months that are worthy of consideration for best new tablet.

Among them is the iPad 3, of course. But, there are Internet rumblings about whether or not we may get an iPad 2S, instead. Nevertheless, Apple's latest offering is a good candidate for best tablet of the year, and the Transformer Prime HD is right up there with it.

Everybody knows the iPad will outsell every other device, but the Transformer Prime HD has many features the iPad lacks, including a sold separately keyboard docking station that turns it into a notebook computer. Furthermore, it runs a quad-core system processor, and that alone makes the Prime HD a worthy competitor.

Unfortunately for Asus, the Prime HD is basically a replacement (a fine one, no doubt) for the Transformer Prime. Prime debuted with fatal errors like no Wi-Fi access and poor GPS and Bluetooth signals. As soon as it came out, buyers began returning them in droves, and while not every single one of the devices had the problem, it was enough to be a disaster. Prime HD features a 1920x1200p resolution, Gorilla Glass-covered display on its 10,1-inch screen. Start the slideshow to see five other great tablets compared the Prime.

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