Computer manufacturer Asus is enticing tech fans with a teaser video alluding to its next line of Transformer products. The footage provides users with hints as to what the coming gadgets have in store, which could include cloud technology.

The shape of the cloud is ever-changing, the video promoting the Computex 2012 expo teases. Beyond time and boundaries.

Beginning June 5, the Asus Computex 2012 Showcase will introduce the so-called next transformations referred to in the video. However, the video's narrator indicates that more clues are to come May 31, shortly before the expo is set to kick off. From the looks of things, fans may be right to expect some revelations involving the cloud, as the entire teaser features an airy sort of theme.

But such vague clues leave plenty of room for interpretation.

The video may be related to new hardware in the company's Transformer line of Android-based tablets, or perhaps a Transformer tablet running Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system, speculated Nathan Eddy of EWeek.

According to Cnet, the teaser appears to promise a new member of the Transformer family alongside the Transformer Pad TF300 and Transformer Pad Infinity 700. Either of these two devices have the ability to function as a laptop when connected to a keyboard dock.

Are you ready for the transformation? There's no telling exactly what Asus is teasing here, but check out the video for yourself to see. More information will come with the Computex 2012 Showcase.