Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime has hit the stores with high expectation especially with its Tegra 3 quad core processor. However, users are disappointed that Asus has unveiled the Prime tablet with bootloader locked.

The device comes with 128 bit encryption to keep users away from accessing key components and file system of the device. With the bootloader locked, the users will not be able to have new ROMs and kernels on the Asus Prime tablet. It will prevent users from installing alternative versions of Android or even other operating systems on the tablet.

The users have started a petition which is available in asking Asus to unlock the bootloader. We consider that it is our right to customise our devices in any way we wish: once bought, the Prime is our property alone to modify if we choose, states the petition.

The current inability of the Prime to accept custom firmware is already dissuading some from buying this tablet, and even causing others to consider returning devices that they have recently bought, adds the petition. The petitioners are hoping that they can persuade Asus that this is not the right way to attract new customers. We assure you that fostering a vibrant development community around the Prime will promote sales and establish ASUS' reputation in the community as an excellent and receptive supplier of mobile devices, continues the petition.

Meanwhile in response to the requirement, Asus has made the announcement that a bootloader unlocker will soon be available for users.