AT&T has confirmed Thursday that it will kill $10 texting plan, which will force customers into all-or-nothing texting options, between an unlimited plan and a pay-per-text plan.

AT&T users have so far enjoyed the choice of $10 plan of 1,000 messages per month, which will be removed this coming Sunday.

Starting from Aug 21, individuals can only use an unlimited plan for $20 per month while family users could take advantage of an unlimited plan for $30 per month with up to five lines. Without these plans, cost will incur for each transaction, for 20¢ per text and 30¢ per multimedia message.

If you are an existing customer, don't worry, AT&T is not evil enough to snatch it away from you. You can hold onto your current plan.

Earlier this year, AT&T got rid of options of $5 rate for 200 monthly texts and $15 for 1,500 monthly texts.

We regularly evaluate our offers and are making some adjustments to our messaging lineup, AT&T said in a statement. The vast majority of our messaging customers prefer unlimited plans and with text messaging growth stronger than ever, that number continues to climb among new customers.

This price surge takes AT&T mobile phone bill to a new high, says Jeffrey Van Camp of Digital Trends. With minimum monthly costs of $20 for texting, $40 for talk, and $25 for usable data plan (ignoring $15 plan for 200MB that's way too small for a smartphone user), your base bill will come out as at least $90 per month after adding additional fees.