“Attack onTitan” is slated to hit the North American market this coming Tuesday, Aug. 30. Get to know the video game adaptation of the phenomenal manga—turned-anime series ahead of its release through the following factoids.

Developed by the same maker of the “Samurai Warriors” franchise, Omega Force, "Attack on Titan's" main platform is the PlayStation 4 console. Hence, PS3 players should know by now that the game would look far better on PS4. The action game will also come with a version for the handheld console, PS Vita, and it is also arriving on Xbox One and the PC. 

Announced in August of last year, “Attack on Titan” managing director Hisashi Koinuma revealed that players will not need to read or watch the series to understand the plot of the game because it starts at the beginning of Hajime Isayama’s manga series, PlayStationLifeStyle.net has learned.

However, players who have seen the anime series will really understand the flow of the video game, since Koinuma has already confirmed that “Attack on Titan” will cover the entire first season of the series. The voice actors of the anime series have also been tapped to reprise their roles for the video game, so what players will see is like the anime version that’s been transformed into a game with English subs.

Despite covering the storyline of the anime series, the flow of the battles are subject to change depending on what the player does, according to PlayStationLifeStyle.net. Therefore, the battle circumstances change with respect to the moves and attacks the player commands his character to do.

When it comes to "Attack on Titan's" gameplay, players have the freedom to do what they want, especially with their characters’ 3D Maneuver Gear that enables them to zip around quickly and travel long distances to get to the Titans. Nevertheless, Nerdist notes in its review on “Attack on Titan” that “the camera can get wonky during combat in tight spaces” — something that is understandable given the freedom in the movements of the characters.

Just like in the anime series and manga, the characters can only kill a Titan by attacking its nape. When in pairs of in a small group, the action could be not-so-challenging, since the titans move slowly and do not show strong resistance against attacks. In these situations, players can pretty much enjoy tearing the Titans’ limbs apart or wounding them gravely before attacking the back of their neck.

As the game progresses, however, players will notice that the creepy Titans appear in large herds that attacking all of them becomes a laborious task. Not only that, the strange acting Titans and the ones with armor can give players a hard time. Also, players should watch out for the game-specific titans that Koinuma teased at E3.

According to IGN, the start of the game could be a little intimidating when players have yet to master the controls on how to do combos of swinging, targeting and slashing. Once players get accustomed to performing the attacks, they’ll find it easy to engage in battles. But the fun and action only last when the gas tanks do not run out of fuel or when the blades do not get blunt.

For the most part, players have limitations when it comes to the characters and attacks they can use and perform, respectively. IGN states that players will get to play as Eren, Armin, Mikasa or Levi and each character has its own distinct combat style. Players will appreciate this variation in combat styles when they engage in missions with a squad of nine other characters.

As to what new element the video game brings to the table that the anime series doesn't, it is no other than the element of excitement one gets when actively participating in the fight for humanity. Kotaku even reports that while the anime series makes people feel hopeless all the time, the game gives everyone that feeling that “we can change things” by being part of the action.

“Attack on Titan” was released in Japan in February. In April, Koei Tecmo announced that the game is heading to North America in physical format for both PS4 and Xbox One and in digital-only form for PS3, Vita and PC via Steam, as per VG 24/7.