Former Rutgers men’s basketball official Eric Murdock has no mixed feelings for Mike Rice.

The former director of player development was let go almost a year ago, and he released a video of now-fired head coach Rice’s verbal and physical assault of players earlier this year.

After he was fired and months before he released the video of Rice, Murdock exploded in a taped conversation with associate coach David Cox, according to a report by Dead Spin.

The Chronicle of Higher Education discovered the recording via an open-records request. According to the Chronicle’s report, the conversation was secretly taped almost a year ago by an assistant coach after Murdock felt he had been unjustly fired.

During the profanity-laced recording, Murdock questioned Rice’s competency as a coach, his my-way-or-the-high-way attitude, and accused him of treating players like slaves. A 10-year NBA veteran with seven teams, Murdock also said he thought Rice had profited from ticket sales and that he was fired because he left a basketball camp to instead speak at his son’s camp.

In April, Murdock reportedly leaked an unnerving video to ESPN investigative news program “Outside the Lines," that showed Rice hurling balls at players, and screaming gay slurs during practices.

Before he released the video, several reports stated Murdock was trying to extort $950,000 from Rutgers. The FBI later began an investigation.

Rice was fired in April, and the ensuing fallout left the Rutgers athletic program open in shambles.

The school tried to save face by forcing athletic director Tim Pernitti to resign, and hiring former NBA head coach Eddie Jordan as the new men’s coach and Julie Hermann as the new AD.

It was later revealed Jordan was not an alumni of Rutgers like he claimed, and that Hermann was accused of verbally abusing players when she was a women’s volleyball coach at the University of Tennessee.

Shorter clips and the full conversation are below, and they contain very strong language. Readers can listen at their own discretion.