Libya's chief forensic pathologist says an autopsy has confirmed that Gadhafi was killed by a shot to the head, as he uttered his last words.

Dr. Othman al-Zintani says doctors completed the examination on Sunday, but he won't disclose more details until he delivers a report to the attorney general.

Bloody images of Gadhafi being taunted and beaten by his captors in his hometown of Sirte have raised questions about whether he was killed in a crossfire, as suggested by the government, or deliberately executed.

A 20-year-old Libyan rebel named Mohammed El Bibi, according to the BBC, found and captured Gadhafi. Amateur video footage shows someone among the mob shouting, Keep him alive, keep him alive!

Don't shoot, don't shoot, the 69-year-old ruler said in his last words, What did I do to you?

But gunshots followed almost instantly.

Soon after Gadhafi died, his body was paraded through the streets of Misrata Thursday, effectively ending the eight-month revolution against the fugitive's 42-year rule.

El Bibi was hoisted onto the shoulders of his fellow rebel comrades as he waved Gadhafi's slimline gold 9mm Browning Hi-Power gun in the air in triumph. He was then paraded on the streets of Sirte, where volley after volley of gunfire could be heard in celebration.

Media reports note the ousted dictator and his key loyalists were planning a final escape toward desert roads heading south when Gadhafi, 69, and the loyalists were captured by Libyan fighters in a makeshift command bunker. He was killed later, the result of shots to his stomach and through his head.

The final assault began Wednesday at 8 a.m. local time (6 a.m. GMT) with two rebel tanks, artillery and a dozen antiaircraft guns bombarding the small areas of concrete office blocks and residential housing where Gadhafi loyalist troops resisted by fighting to the death.

For weeks, Gadhafi's loyalists fought back, even launching a counterattack late last week that killed or wounded more than a dozen National Transitional Council fighters.

Hundreds of NTC fighters gathered in the center of Sirte, shouting Allahu Akbar (God is greatest), firing guns into the air and dancing in the streets while hoisting the red, black and green national flag.

International concern about the issue had clouded plans by the transitional government to declare liberation later Sunday, after months of bloodshed in a rebellion to oust the hated leader of nearly 42 years.

After the autopsy at a Misrata morgue, Gadhafi's body was returned to the meat locker where it had been on display to crowds of Libyans.

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