No matter what anyone says, the potential fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre will happen. There's too much money on the table for it to not happen. It will be the highest grossing UFC pay-per-view fight ever.

This is not Manny Pacquiao trying to get Floyd Mayweather to sign a contract. Mayweather is dodging Pacquiao, plain and simple.

In a Silva versus St. Pierre fight, everyone wins. Whoever loses the fight, actually wins. Their name recognition will get a huge boost to fans that are slow to gravitate to the sport.

The winner takes the title, All-time Greatest MMA Fighter. Each fighter will take home a huge purse.

The fans are huge winners in this, too. This is the fight they want. Both Silva and St. Pierre are popular, and there is no disputing that they're the best in their class.

But the biggest winner is the sport. Unlike other sports where upsets prevent a great matchup between titans of a sport, UFC has the opportunity to give their audience what they want.

This fight will happen. UFC President Dana White knows what's on the line, and he will deliver.

The only thing standing in the way is Jake Shields. He is set to fight St. Pierre in Toronto on April 30.

Should Shields win, it would throw a wrench in the plans.