Azealia Banks is once again lashing out on Twitter. The "Chasing Time" rapper apparently wasn't impressed with Rihanna and Drake's new music video for "Work" and posted several tweets Monday criticizing the 28-year-old singer. 

"Work reminds of baby boy video with Sean Paul except not as fly," she posted, referring to Beyoncé’s 2002 collaboration with the hip-hop artist. 

Banks continued, “Music is honestly so f--king trash and boring. Let’s start a f--king beef and make s--- interesting. All these f--king pill-popping divas doing the LEAST and the s--- is boring. Get these h--- a coffee and a pair of boxing gloves. Bring out the real artists !!!!”

Banks' rant isn't the first time she's been accused of attacking Rihanna. In December, Banks posted cryptic tweets allegedly about the Barbadian singer deciding not to include her on the final version of "Anti" after they had supposedly collaborated on a song. 

“These girls seek me out, ask for my help, then get intimated when they find out how easy it is for me to re-create and re-vamp their sound,” she tweeted at the time (via XXL Magazine). “Like, I would really rather not be approached to collab, especially if everyone is going to chicken out. Lol.”

Rumors she was on Rihanna's new album started after Banks was arrested outside a New York nightclub last December for allegedly biting a security guard who didn't recognize her. According to Page Six, Banks tried to explain who she was and reportedly shouted that she was on "Anti."