Azealia Banks is speaking her mind once again from the hate she’s getting whenever she posts her opinion on social media. She has recently compared herself to Kanye West and even admitted that she may have fallen in love with Kim Kardashian’s husband.

On Monday, the “Ice Princess” rapper took to Facebook to announce her admiration for West, who canceled his concert tour after admitting on Saturday that he would have voted for Donald Trump among other issues he tackled in his onstage rant. Banks said that she has always been secretly in love with the “Famous” hitmaker because of his sentiments.

More than the admiration, Banks admitted that she’s actually jealous because West gets to say the same things she has to say, but she’s the one who gets beaten down because she’s a girl. Banks continued her rant by asking a series of questions: “Can I talk my s—t too? And not be backed into a corner, chastised and have my mental health attacked by the media?”

Releasing her pent-up feelings, Banks revealed that the double standard is what caused her to stop making art because this just hampers her from being a full artist. She also revealed that this is what depresses her the most lately.

Continuing her strong denouncement against the hate she is receiving for voicing her opinions, Banks pointed out how “black women” get “poached” and “demonized” for being creative and standing up and taking control of their image and story. Furthermore, she stated that the “only black women” who have a platform at present are those who are politically correct, while men like West, Quentin Tarantino and many others with “darkest, sick and twisted musings” have a place in the art world.

The “212” rapper’s latest rant comes days after she called out the President-elect for “looking like a slice of cantaloupe” and asking Trump’s campaign to stop focusing on “religious s—t.” In a separate Facebook post on Saturday, Banks also suggested that Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin should unite against North Korea.