Azealia Banks is very active on Facebook nowadays, either to defend herself from all the bashing she got for supporting Donald Trump or to point out why she voted for the Republican candidate and not Hillary Clinton.

On Thursday, the controversial rapper was back on the social networking platform to insinuate that the celebrity supporters of Clinton are to be blamed for inciting their fans to be mad at President-elect Trump.

“I really do wish celebrities would stop feeding their fans anger. That’s only going to get them locked up, pepper sprayed and shot at. Everyone really needs to just chill,” Banks wrote. “We do NOT need martial law out this b—h. That is the last thing we need, because trust me…when your favorite celebrity convinces you to be angry and protest and you get angry enough to go deface some public property and yo a— is in jail, none of them are going to come and bail you out. When you lose your job for it, none of them will hire you. Just relax, don’t let fear consume you. We haven’t even seen what he’s going to do yet.”

It isn’t clear who are the celebrities Banks targeted in her post, since most of Clinton’s biggest supporters have been spreading encouraging and meaningful messages to their fans online. Katy Perry, who admitted that her parents voted for Trump instead of Clinton, asked for people to “peacefully protest.” Lady Gaga tweeted that she’s praying for the country’s wounds to heal without violence and fighting. Miley Cyrus, who shared a tearful message to Trump via Facebook, is also positively moving forward by launching a new campaign called Hopeful Hippies for the many issues in the country.

When a fan brought up in the comments that Hollywood’s power couple Beyoncé and Jay Z “bailed out thousands of BLM protesters. And some celebrities are actually out protesting.” The “Ice Princess” rapper defended Queen Bey and her husband in her response to the commenter: “They aren’t feeding their fans anger right now. Nor have they ever fed their fans anger.” It can be noted that just this Wednesday, Banks laughed at the fact that even with Beyoncé and Jay Z's support for Clinton, the Democrat still lost to Trump.

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