Azealia Banks has landed herself in trouble with the law after a video surfaced showing her brawling with a security guard. This is the second time the "212" rapper has been involved in a physical altercation in the last few months. This time, however, an investigation has been launched into the incident.

According to TMZ, surveillance cameras captured Banks being confronted by security at Break Room 86, a club in Los Angeles. She and her posse are said to have been partying at the establishment late last month when things got a little out of hand. They were asked to leave the club, which is when the altercation took place. Security claims that as Banks approached the front door to leave she attempted to pull the fire alarm. The guard grabbed her before she could tamper with the alarm at which time she and her friends appear to have attacked him. The site reports that the LAPD have begun a criminal battery investigation.

Banks has made no mention of the video or the incident. She did, however, announce on Tuesday that she would be canceling several dates on her tour, according to Billboard. In a tweet sent to her 561,000 followers she alleged that the cancelation was due to her being "busy at work," adding that everyone who purchased tickets would be getting their money back. It is unclear whether or not the tour's abrupt hiatus is linked in anyway to the fight or the investigation it prompted. Banks assured fans she would be back to touring in January.

On Sept. 22 Banks went on yet another expletive laden rant after a video hit the Web showing her arguing with another airplane passenger as well as a flight attendant. In the clip she could be heard calling the airline worker a "f--king f----t" before storming off. She defended her actions on Twitter, telling followers she refused to tolerate "men putting their hands on me." She claimed she was hit in the face and told doubters of her innocence to keep their "fake outrage" to themselves. She ended the rant by sharing with followers that she planned to get a license to carry a gun.