Stand-up comedian and Parks and Recreation actor Aziz Ansari is offering a web-only special titled Dangerously Delicious to his fans for $5 on his website.

Ansari, who has also had roles in the films 30 Miinutes or Less, I Love You, Man and Funny People, is one of stand-ups hottest acts. He is a native of Columbia, S.C., and is of Indian descent.

 The free preview of Dangerously Delicious, which Ansari says is uncut, uncensored with no ads and no bleeps, can be seen below.

The short clip starts off with Ansari's humorous introduction of the special.

Hello, I'm Aziz Ansari. You might have seen my brown face on television or film before, the actor says into the camera.

Ansari says DVD comedy special usually run $20, and he runs through a list of things you can buy with your saved $15, including several small bags of cashews and/or almonds, a nice beach towel and Nelly's SweatSuit Album (Sweat disc only.)

In the sneak peak of Dangerously Delicious, one of Ansari's bits is about how he doesn't know what to say to a gorgeous waitress at a restaurant he frequents. He then tells the audience about his friend's advice to just be honest.

Really, that's all I have to do? Excuse me, Miss, I just need to be real honest with you for a minute, Ansari begins. I eat here all the time, and when I do, I stare at your face! And I imagine us f------ when I eat my sandwiches.

To hear that and the rest of Ansari's routine in the preview of Dangerously Delicious, click on the video below.