The two-year-old severely battered Baby Falak lost the fight for life and has died 56 days after she was admitted in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Trauma Centre, Delhi, India.

The toddler who was brutally beaten and bitten was admitted to the hospital on Jan. 18 with her skull broken and limbs fractured.

After five surgeries and two heart attacks, doctors had said that her condition was improving, but on Thursday night Falak died after she suffered a cardiac arrest.

AIIMS hospital doctors said Baby Falak suffered a massive cardiac arrest on Thursday night at 9 p.m. and was declared dead at 9.40 p.m.

“The reasons that triggered the cardiac arrest are still not known. A post mortem will be conducted on Friday,” said Trauma Centre associate professor Dr. Deepak Aggarwal.

The baby who was on the ventilator had shown signs of improvement and doctors had called her the “miracle baby.”

On Feb. 1, Falak had contracted meningitis and brain fluid infection. She also suffered two heart attacks.

But she had survived all this and had recovered well. She was doing well. We removed her from the intensive care unit and shifted her to the ward after we found that she had recovered well, Aggrawal said.

On March 9, doctors said that she was doing well and was likely to be discharged in a week.

Baby Falak was admitted to the hospital by a 14-year-old girl claiming to be her mother on Jan. 18 and officials have arrested 10 people in connection with the case. They include Rajkumar Gupta, the man who had handed over the baby to his teenage girlfriend.

Police investigation revealed that the teenager had tortured the baby out of sheer frustration. The teenager was forced into prostitution by two of her neighbors.

Another woman Pratima, who was a part of the human trafficking racket that exploited the teenager, has also been arrested. Pratima had got Falak from Laxmi, who had befriended the baby's biological mother Munni. Pratima had given the toddler to Rajkumar who handed her over to the teenage girl whom he allegedly sexually abused. Laxmi too has been arrested.

Munni was the victim of human trafficking and was sold for Rs. 2.7 lakh as a “virgin bride.”

Doctors at AIIMS said that Munni will come by the hospital on Friday to collect the dead body of her daughter. Doctors also said that the baby will be cremated by her mother.