Monday night's episode of The Bachelor delivered the drama promised in the previews, as The Women Tell All segment was chock-full of catty commentary between the lovely ladies who vied for bachelor Ben Flajnik's heart. It was almost like The Jerry Springer Show, but with better digs (and no chair throwing).

Bachelor host Chris Harrison -- who wasn't feeling too well that day, according to a Los Angeles Times report -- promised this episode of The Women Tell All would be the most exciting one the show's ever had.

I always enjoy getting everybody together to talk about what went down, but this season I'm especially interested to talk to this group of women, he wrote for Entertainment Weekly.

Monday night's episode was quite loud, with several of the women talking over one another. They also watched highlights -- or low points, however you want to see it -- from past episodes in which they talked about each other. Let's just say that more than one woman winced at her own words.

The best part of the night, by far, was when a former contestant, Brittney, labeled another one, Samantha, the Chihuahua of the house for her incessant talking. Even Harrison had to laugh at that one.

Courtney Robertson eventually came out and sat in front of the women. She's made it to the final two. That episode has yet to air, but recent reports of Robertson trying on a wedding dress have the rumor mill spinning.

In the meantime, Robertson's competitors showed very little mercy. They were clearly there to draw blood and it seemed to work. Robertson broke down crying and made apologies.

One of the contestants, Casey, actually defended Robertson earlier in the episode, which was quite refreshing.

The women were considerably tamer when Flajnik came out at the end. He did not endure anything too painful. The worst was reserved for Robertson.

Flajnik wrote about this episode for People. He commended contestant Blakeley for standing her ground and wished he could say something nice about Samantha.

He wrote very well of Nicki and Kacie. Kacie made it to the final four and Nicki made it to the final three before being eliminated.

Watching Nicki and Kacie B. take the stage made me smile, Flajnik wrote. I have nothing but respect for these two women and wish nothing for the best for them for the rest of their lives.

He also wrote about Robertson.

To see an emotional side of this woman was a good thing and it makes her feel like she is human, and a softer, sweeter side is shown, Flajnik wrote. It's a side that I saw throughout the journey that no one else did.

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