Sunday night's episode of the ABC show Once Upon a Time revealed that one of the dwarfs of the Snow White fairy tale storyline was originally named Dreamy and not Grumpy, as Disney lore would have us believe.

Dreamy, known as Leroy in the Storybrooke storyline and played wonderfully by actor Lee Arenberg (Pirates of the Caribbean), was hatched from an egg in the fairy tale world. He and his fellow dwarfs were immediately directed to work in the mines, and informed that dwarfs are not supposed to fall in love, get married or have children.

But Dreamy doesn't buy it, especially when he falls in love with a ditzy but kindhearted fairy named Nova, played by actress Amy Acker. She returns his affections, and the two make plans to see the world together.

In Storybrooke, Dreamy is an unfriendly, aloof custodial worker named Leroy. But his reserve melts when he crosses paths with Astrid, a sweet but somewhat bumbling nun (yep, she's really Nova).

She and her fellow nuns face eviction if they don't sell $5,000 worth of candles during the Miner's Day Festival, so the enamored Leroy decides to help out. He first tries to appeal to Mr. Gold (ie Rumplestiltskin), to whom the nuns owe the money, but that one refuses and says it will be a relief to get rid of such distasteful tenants.

Leroy is incredulous.

You don't like nuns? he asks. Who doesn't like nuns?

Oh, I have my reasons, Mr. Gold replies, adding that he has a long and complicated history with them.

No matter, though. Leroy manages to help out by causing all of the outdoor lights at the festival to shut off. The candles are soon sold out, the nuns get to stay where they are, and all ends well between Leroy and Astrid.

It doesn't fare so well for them in the fairy tale world, however. Dreamy is discouraged from being with Nova by her fairy godmother boss and he returns to the mines. He also gets a new axe, which reveals his new name: Grumpy.

Other storylines in this episode include Sheriff Emma Swan investigating the disappearance of Kathryn Nolan -- and David Nolan (ie Prince Charming) becoming a suspect. Mary Margaret (ie Snow White) still has to deal with being labeled the town tramp because of her connection to David.

Next week's episode should prove to be a thriller, as it stars the Storybrooke character of Ruby, really Red Riding Hood. The characters of Ruby and Red Riding Hood have been, up to this point, mostly filler. Despite her limited presence, actress Meghan Ory has still managed to make the character appealing, so it will be interesting to see her take a more central role.