“The Bachelor” with Juan Pablo started off with a bang -- tears, wacky first meetings and heartbreak! Although the first rose ceremony might be over, viewers can’t stop talking about the two jaw-dropping moments in episode 1 … and neither can the bachelorettes.

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For those who missed the premiere of season 18, the first dramatic moment occurred when Juan Pablo went to hand over the first impression rose. With 27 women in the house fighting to make the episode 1 cut, the 32-year-old somehow managed to choose the one contestant who wasn't completely head-over-heels for him -- 29-year-old opera singer Sharleen.

“I think she separates from the rest of the group,” Juan Pablo explained to the camera of his decision to give Sharleen the first impression rose. “The conversation, her looks, her vibe, her culture … she’s a keeper.”

And while Juan Pablo praised the Ottawa, Canada native, Sharleen expressed a much different view of their first meeting.

“Juan Pablo is definitely a good package,” she revealed in a one-on-one interview with the camera. “But you know, I guess I thought I would feel a little more of this insta-chemistry than I did. I guess I feel a little distraught because there has been so much buildup and you kind of expect some kind of connection that honestly -- if I’m totally honest -- seemed a little forced.”

After an awkward pause, Sharleen ultimately ended up accepting the rose, telling Juan Pablo, “Sure, yes. Thank you, sir.” Twitter users had mixed reviews of the contestant, some making fun of the way she kept referring to him as sir, a handful hoping that Juan Pablo would send her packing, while others praised her for her “refreshing” honesty.

"I'm glad she admitted it because it's normal," "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison told TV Guide of her honesty. "She ended up accepting it because it was too early to say no. I think that was her dilemma: Why would I go home now because maybe I'll like this guy? She's not the first person or the last to deal with that issue."

Sharleen took to Twitter after the episode to talk to fans, thanking them for their support and kind words. And while she didn’t respond to the backlash about her “forced” relationship with Juan Pablo, she did address the “Thank You, sir.”

“Unfortunately I don’t think you’re hearing things,” Sharleen responded to “Bachelor” alum Ali Fedotowsky about the overly polite way she spoke to Juan Pablo. “Can I blame nerves?”

The second “OMG” moment from the episode came during the rose ceremony when Juan Pablo called Kat to accept a rose … and Kylie came down instead. Juan Pablo quickly corrected the situation, leading Kylie to respond, “Oh I thought he said Kylie. Sorry!” Joking if Juan Pablo could give them both roses, Kylie ultimately ended up with zero roses and one hilarious line before being sent home -- “I’m gonna throw up.” Things got a little wackier when on her exit interview she told the cameras that she could picture Juan Pablo even more in her life after meeting him.

“It was horrible,” Harrison dished to TV Guide of the mix up. “It was late and he has an accent and he whispers, so he whispers ‘Kat’ who is standing right behind Kylie and he looks right at Kylie, so she starts stepping down and he’s like, ‘Kat.’ She was mortified. The only thing that made it worse was the fact that she didn’t get a rose. So not only did she set out and get embarrassed, but she was sent home.”

Since the episode aired, Kylie has been happy to talk about her embarrassing and dramatic moment on “The Bachelor.”

“FINALLY. The weight has been lifted,” she posted. “I received no rose, but the support I have felt along the way means more to me than I can ever explain.”

Responding to a fan about how it felt watching the rose ceremony, Kylie tweeted: “I felt like I was going to throw up (again) and then I cried a little (again). Then I raised my glass to a near year!”

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