“Welcome to Miami, Bienvenidos a Miami!” Episode 7 of “The Bachelor” brought Juan Pablo and the six remaining women – Sharleen, Clare, Chelsie, Renee, Andi and Nikki – Stateside again… more specifically to Juan Pablo’s hometown!

In week 7 two girls will get one-on-one dates with JP, while the remaining four will head out on a group date with the 32-year-old single dad. But with hometown dates on the horizon, only four of the bachelorettes will make it to episode 8.

First One-On-One Date

Sharleen lands the first one-on-one date in Miami, and it’s a special one … because Juan Pablo hand-delivered it! Although she’s surprised to land the coveted date, Sharleen’s also grateful because at this point in the game she’s uncertain about introducing the bachelor to her parents. JP, on the other hand, thinks that she’s “amazing” and “could be the one.”

Juan Pablo takes Sharleen on a private yacht to soak in the Miami sun. And while Sharleen desires to make a “mental connection,” she instead spends her time sucking face with the Latino heartthrob.

Sharleen’s behavior is confusing – and the girls at the hotel are just as astonished about her relationship with JP. “I still can’t figure out why,” Chelsie says of Sharleen and Juan Pablo. “She likes really intellectual men.” (Ouch! What a burn for Juan Pablo!) Sharleen even admits to the cameras that Juan Pablo isn’t her typical type -- but she also reveals that there is undeniable chemistry and that she has a hard time not kissing him.

Opening up to him about her willingness to shift priorities if things move forward between them, it sounds as if Sharleen is more confident about their relationship. Unfortunately she tells the cameras a different story, continuing to express how she’s not ready for him to meet her family.

Second One-On-One Date

Nikki lands the second one-on-one date and the date card has her bringing out her “negativity” … or at least that’s what the other girls think. The pediatric nurse thinks that she’s going to have to go dancing again, but she’s in for a (welcome) surprise. She won’t be dancing this week – but she’ll be going to a dance recital. Whose dance recital, you may ask? None other than Juan Pablo’s daughter, Camila.

Needless to say, Nikki is flattered and beyond excited because it’s a HUGE step in their relationship. “It kind of shows how much he cares about me,” she giddily tells the cameras. But she’s not only going to watch Camila – she’s also going to meet JP’s parents and Camila’s mother, Carla.

Things go extremely well, and Nikki reveals that her heart melted when she saw Camila. With the meeting a success, Juan Pablo brings Nikki to “his office” for dinner – and his office turns out to be the Marlins stadium. The pair talk about the big steps they are taking and it looks like Nikki is pretty secure for one of the final spots.

The Breakup

Before Juan Pablo can go on his next date he has to deal with a slight situation – Sharleen’s decision to break up with him. The opera singer first tells the girls her choice, explaining that she’s been conflicted for a while and doesn’t believe that it’s fair for her to potentially take a spot away from the others. After hugging it out with them, she moves onto Juan Pablo.

Going to his hotel room, Sharleen tears up and whispers that she’s uncertain she can get to the place where she’s supposed to be in three weeks time. “Like the idea of a proposal … it just doesn’t seem like something that’s possible to me,” she explains without raising her voice – at all. Juan Pablo accepts her apology and breakup, even telling the cameras that he has a lot of respect for her honesty.

Group Date

Clare, Andi, Renee and Chelsie get the group date, but it comes with a major twist! The girl who receives the rose is the only one to continue on with the date. With that known at the outset, it’s basically war to make a connection with Juan Pablo while on their group date – and each of the girls play their emotion cards very well.

Chelsie plays the loving and funny family card; Renee acts like her fabulous single mom self; Andi breaks out the tears and “super vulnerable card”; while Clare rounds out the foursome by using the ultimate play – the video that her deceased father left for her future husband.

Clare’s story had viewers welling up with tears of their own, but in the end JP decided that he really wanted to meet Andi’s family, and gave her the group date rose. As the pair dance to a live performance by singer Romeo Santos, the three other girls return to the hotel to pout. And it’s there where the claws come out!

“I deserve something amazing and wonderful,” Clare tells the cameras. “All I’ve been doing is watching every other person go on these dates … and it doesn’t make sense to me. The people who are standing out, getting these roses, are doubting themselves.”

With Clare already upset, things spiral a little out of control now that she has to sit with Nikki. She tells the girls that she’s disappointed in JP’s rose decision and that that Andi must have “needed that reassurance” – which causes Nikki to abruptly leave and say “that’s so stupid.”

Clare chases after Nikki because she’s tired of Nikki getting away with “being a b****.” But Nikki’s not playing Clare’s game. Since she’s extremely close to Andi, Nikki explains that she felt the conversation was heading in a direction that she didn’t want to be a part of. But that’s not how Clare sees it, and the pair have a showdown about who paid for the hotel (spoiler alert: neither of them did).

Their catfight finally came to a close with Clare telling Nikki that she’s a “piece of work,” and Nikki firing back that Clare is “f***ing crazy.”

“Clare’s like a dog,” Nikki tells the cameras. “She peed on him first … She claimed some territory that might not be hers.”

Rose Ceremony

With Sharleen gone and Andi with the only rose from Juan Pablo’s three dates, the bachelor has three remaining roses to hand out. And it’s huge for all the girls because next week is hometowns, where JP will be meeting their families.

Juan Pablo hands the first rose to Nikki, and Clare couldn’t look any more upset. Clare lands the second rose … which leaves Nikki with a look of disgust on her face. With one rose left, it’s between Chelsie and Renee – and JP decides to give the final rose to Renee.

Juan Pablo tears up and does a lot of huffing and puffing as Chelsie awkwardly stands there looking at him. Finally Chris Harrison comes over and tells her to bid adieu to her friends. And like the gentleman he is, the bachelor walks Chelsie out to her rose.

Only four girls remain in the running for Juan Pablo's heart. Are you surprised by his decision? Let us know in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.