Ugh … Sharleen. Am I right? She’s in no way a terrible person, but since the premiere of “The Bachelor,” viewers have been extremely frustrated with the opera singer. The 29-year-old from Ottawa, Canada, is without a doubt beautiful and talented … BUT she has been sending out mixed signals regarding Juan Pablo and “The Bachelor” in general. Episode 4 on Monday, Jan. 27, threw fans over the edge … and now many are questioning why Juan Pablo hasn’t sent Sharleen home yet.

For those who missed the latest episode, Sharleen landed the highly coveted one-on-one date with Juan Pablo in Seoul, South Korea. The pair explored the city before spending their evening in a romantic tea garden. It was there that Juan Pablo got Sharleen to sing for him, something she claims to not enjoy doing in the beginning of a relationship. But the contestant didn’t just open up with her singing -- she also expressed her feelings on children and dating someone who already has a kid.

Initially ignoring Juan Pablo when he asked about children, the bachelor pressed her until she finally confessed her feelings on the subject. Sharleen revealed that she hasn’t really thought about children because she has been so career focused … “up until now,” of course.

After having an internal debate with herself, Sharleen decided to be completely honest and explained to Juan Pablo that this isn’t her first relationship with a single dad. She previously dated someone who had a daughter but she “wasn’t ready for it at all.” According to Sharleen, it wasn’t specifically about the child but knowing that she was never going to be the woman to “share the first” moments with.

Juan Pablo has made it clear that he’s not only looking for a wife, but a step-mom for his 4-year-old daughter, Camila. Sharleen’s reveal should have been a deal breaker for the single dad … however, Juan Pablo surprised “The Bachelor” audience when he thanked Sharleen for her honesty and asked her to accept his rose.

So, why is Juan Pablo keeping Sharleen around instead of eliminating her? “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison dished to TV Guide about his theory on the two: Juan Pablo wants what he can’t have.

“As much of an enigma that Juan Pablo can be at times, she is more so in a fascinating way. How is she still on the show?” explained Harrison. “He’s so captivated by her, but she all but turned down the first rose – you watch their one-on-one time and it’s really awkward. I think everyone on social media agreed the first kiss was just bizarre. I think it might be you want what you can’t have, and she’s an unattainable, worldly woman he has to chase, whereas with the other ones it’s happening maybe too easily. But you see him with Nikki, Clare or even Andi, and it seems so natural. And you see him with Sharleen and it’s like, ‘What?’

At least Sharleen stopped calling Juan Pablo “sir.”

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