Adios, California -- “The Bachelor” is heading to South Korea in episode 4! With 13 girls left in the running for Juan Pablo’s heart, the bachelorette’s are packing to take the city of Seoul by storm with two group dates and one individual.

First Group Date

All the girls are dying for a one-on-one date with Juan Pablo in Seoul, but before the Bachelor takes his individual date he’s going on his first group date. The ladies chosen for round one are Chelsie, Cassandra, Elise, Danielle, Kat and Nikki. And while they’re all excited about their date clue – POP! – Nikki’s drawn to tears over her lack of a one-on-one date.

“I’m with five other girls who are quite annoying,” he 26-year-old pediatric nurse reveals to the cameras. “The date card says “POP” and my head is going to explode.”

Some of the girls are speculating that their date has something to do with popcorn or gum, but the “POP” hint actually refers to the K-POP band, 2NE1. The bachelorette’s and Juan Pablo hit up the dance studio where 2NE1 is practicing at and learn a couple of dance moves from the pop stars. But that’s not the big surprise of the date – the six girls and Juan Pablo will be performing as backup dancers for 2NE1!

Kat’s ecstatic, telling the camera’s that she’s “totally” in her element and that this date was just made for her. However not everyone feels the same way. Besides being annoyed at being on a group date, Nikki’s also not happy about dancing. “This is my worst nightmare,” she tells Juan Pablo.

“I hope we’re performing for the South Korean school for the blind,” Nikki continues to the cameras. “My day can’t get any worse.”

The five level mall is packed with fans as the girls hit the stage to perform their dance alongside 2NE1. And even though everyone seems to be having a good time, the bachelorette’s are NOT happy with Kat’s spotlight stealing moves.

Fortunately no fights break out on stage and all six girls make it to the after-party to get some one-on-one time with Juan Pablo. Kat managed to snag Juan Pablo first and used her time to drop the “fun and games” image and open up more about her family. But while Kat explained how her parent’s divorce and father’s alcoholism affected her, Nikki’s with the other girls trash talking Kat’s camera and attention seeking ways. The other contestants have expressed their distaste for Kat’s actions in the past, but during the after-party it was Nikki who left a sour taste in their mouth. Both Danielle and Elise revealed to the cameras that they think Nikki is the most negative person in the house and putting on a show for Juan Pablo.

Elise tries to drop some clues to Juan Pablo about the negative girls by expressing how serious she is and how she’s confused by his choice of keeping other girls around, but the bachelor doesn’t bite. Instead Juan Pablo gifts Nikki with the group date rose after having a conversation about how she feels about Camila. Nikki accepts and the pair kiss, but both Kat and Chelise (“Ugh, yuck”) are frustrated with Juan Pablo’s decision.

One-On-One Date

Everyone wants a one-on-one date with Juan Pablo but it’s opera singer Sharleen who lucks out. The 29-year-old has been hot and cold with the single dad, but insists that she would absolutely like to fall in love … but doesn’t know if Juan Pablo is the one for her.

A few of the girls don’t understand the chemistry between Sharleen and Juan Pablo (and it appears as if Sharleen doesn’t understand either), but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying her date exploring the city of Seoul. Walking around the local markets, the duo eventually end up at a tea garden where Juan Pablo manages to get Sharleen to let down her guard and sing. But it’s afterwards that Sharleen gets really honest.

Asked about how many kids she wants, Sharleen at first avoids the question. However Juan Pablo doesn’t let her off the hook that easy. Pressing her to answer, Sharleen reveals that she hasn’t really thought about children because she’s been so career focused … “up until now” of course.

Sharleen continues that she actually dated someone who had a daughter before and that she wasn’t “ready for it at all.” Even though she explained that she didn’t like that she was never going to be the woman to “share the first” with, Juan Pablo still offered her up a rose.

“I like who you are, that you’re different,” he says to her. “I appreciate your honesty. Sharleen, will you accept this rose?”

Encouraged by the progress in their relationship, Sharleen accepts the rose from Juan Pablo.

Second Group Date

The remaining girls – Renee, Lauren, Clare, Andi, Alli and Kelly – get “krazy in Korea” on the second group date with Juan Pablo. Starting off with some karaoke, the group moves onto a photo booth, swan boats, fish pedicures and exotic cuisine. And while a few of the girls notice that Clare is becoming a tad bit territorial while on the date, things escalate between ALL of them during the after-party.

Renee’s the first one to get one-on-one time and tries to talk about kissing, but Juan Pablo tells her that he doesn’t want Camila seeing her dad kissing a lot of girls and that he wants to take a step back. Lauren doesn’t get that memo because she goes in for a kiss and immediately gets shot down. The bachelor tries to console her and she bursts into tears, but Lauren believes that he’s not interested in her.

“I know that you’ve kissed other girls,” she tells him. And even though Juan Pablo gives her the whole “it’s not an easy situation” pep talk, he reveals to the cameras that he’s not here to kiss everybody.

Despite watching Lauren get turned down, Clare gets cocky and basically tells the other girls that she’s not leaving her one-on-one time without kissing Juan Pablo … and she succeeds … even after telling Juan Pablo that she swallowed her own vomit earlier in the day.

“I know I said I’m not going to kiss anybody,” Juan Pablo explains to the cameras. “But she’s sexy. She’s hot.”

Going against his new rule, Juan Pablo goes in for a kiss with Clare because it just felt right. But even though they shared a kiss, it’s Andi who gets the group date rose.

Pre-Rose Cocktail Hour

Nikki, Sharleen and Andi are safe this week with roses, but everybody else is trying to cram in some one-on-one time with Juan Pablo. While the girls seemed to have come up with an “agreement” that rose holders should let the others take advantage of one-on-one time, Nikki decides that she doesn’t care. “I’m here for Juan Pablo,” she tells the cameras. “There is a time where you have to be a little selfish.”

Nikki interrupts Clare’s time with Juan Pablo, and Clare is LIVID. “I thought it was rude and disrespectful,” Clare tells the cameras. “Just because I’m kind doesn’t mean you can walk all over me.” And Clare has no problems in telling Nikki that.

“You’re one way with the girls and one way with him,” Clare confronts Niki. “It can just rub people the wrong way.”

But that’s not all she says. Clare continues that if Nikki acted the way she does around the girls in front of Juan Pablo, she doesn’t believe that Juan Pablo would be handing her any roses. Needless to say, Nikki is not happy with Clare’s opinion in the matter.

The Rose Ceremony

Thirteen girls made it to Seoul, but 13 won’t be leaving with Juan Pablo. Renee lands the first rose, followed by Chelsie, Kelly, Danielle, Cassandra, Alli and Clare. With one rose left and three girls remaining, Juan Pablo gifted Kat with the final rose of the evening. The result was Lauren and Elise getting sent home.

With 11 ladies left, Juan Pablo told them to pack their bags … because they’re all headed to Vietnam in episode 5!