The drama never ends on “The Bachelor.” Chris Soules managed to narrow his search for love down to six women, but only four could move onto the hometown dates.

Episode 8 kicked off with Becca, Carly, Britt, Jade, Kaitlyn and Whitney still in the running for Chris’ heart. The girls were excited about the chance to take Chris home during the hometown dates … except for Britt. The 27-year-old waitress told the others that she planned on leaving before the rose ceremony.

“The Bachelor” viewers will remember that Britt had a meltdown in episode 7 after Chris gave the group date rose to Kaitlyn. Instead of pulling Chris aside, Britt confronted him in front of the other girls. Chris told her that if she wanted to leave, she should leave – and she made up her mind to take him up on that.

After all her back and forth talk, the other contestants doubted that Britt would go through with it. Jade thought it was “petty,” while Carly called Britt out for changing her mind all the time. Unfortunately for Britt, she couldn’t follow through on her plan to talk to Chris before the rose ceremony because the bachelor canceled the cocktail party.

The girls arrived at the cocktail party and Britt was visibly nervous … so nervous that she interrupted Chris to pull him aside. Obviously the other girls were not happy that Britt put the rose ceremony on hold. Jade told the others that she thinks Britt wants Chris to beg for her to stay, and Kaitlyn added that Britt simply wants “validation.”

Britt apologized to Chris for her actions and explained where she was coming from. She asked Chris if he wanted to say anything – and he had A LOT to say. Chris explained that she put him in a tough spot and that her actions made him “question a lot of things.” He added that a couple of the girls in the house told him things that left him questioning her honesty and whether she was being real with him. Britt immediately wanted him to name her accuser, but Chris seemed to learn his lesson from the nightmare two-on-one date with Kelsey and Ashley I. Britt continued to press the issue, saying that if it was Carly who said something that the contestant had something against her. Chris refused to answer, but told her that the actions she displayed is not something he’s looking for in a wife.

Chris walked Britt to the door. “Everything I ever said to you I meant,” she said to him. “I promise.” But Chris didn’t change his mind or beg her to stay. “Take care,” he told her.

Britt was left sitting on the curb crying while Chris moved forward with the rose ceremony. But before he handed out any more roses, Chris wanted to clear the air with the other women.

“I think it was for the best,” he explained. “There was something missing there and I don’t know if I could trust her.” He thanked the girls for “reconfirming” his thoughts and feelings, and reinforced the idea that he’s “not playing games.”

With Kaitlyn already holding a rose from the group date, Chris gave the first rose of the ceremony to Whitney. Becca got the second rose, and Jade received the third. Carly was sent home before the hometown dates.

Hometown Date #1: Becca

Chris traveled to Shreveport, Louisiana to see Becca. Although his feelings for the 25-year-old chiropractic assistant were strong, he felt some serious pressure knowing that he was going to be the first guy that Becca introduced to her family. His concern only grew when her sister revealed that Becca is not an “intimate person” and not comfortable with PDA. Although he didn’t say it to Becca’s sister, he told the cameras that he was worried that she wouldn’t be able to get to that point with him.

After speaking to her mom, Chris thought about it and realized that it would great to be “the guy that Becca was waiting for.” They spent the rest of the evening riding the ferris wheel after hours at the Louisiana State Fair.

Hometown Date #2: Whitney

Next up on the hometown dates was Chicago to see Whitney. Chris was very familiar with the city because his sister lives there, so Whitney decided to take him on a tour of her “life.”

“Let’s go make a baby!” she told him.

Chris was surprised, but Whitney simply meant a visit to her work. The 29-year-old is a fertility nurse and absolutely adores her job. She made Chris change into scrubs and walked him through the whole process of what she does for a living. Chris was definitely impressed.

“I make corn,” he told the cameras. “I can’t imagine what it would be like to make a baby.”

Things took an odd turn when Whitney and her co-worker asked for a sample of his sperm. Chris laughed it off, telling the cameras, “I’m pretty confident my soldiers are marching.”

Unfortunately the hometown date took an uncomfortable turn when Whitney’s sister refused to give her blessing. Since their mother died a few years ago, Whitney’s sister became overprotective. She told Chris to call her when he knows for sure that Whitney is the one.

Chris admitted to Whitney that he didn’t see that coming, however he wasn’t turned off by the conversation. Their date ended with Whitney confessing she was in love with him and splitting a bottle of wine that she wanted to save for her future husband.

Hometown Date #3: Kaitlyn

The third hometown date stop was Phoenix, Arizona to see Kaitlyn – although she’s really from Canada. As a joke, the 29-year-old dance instructor had Chris meet in her in a dirty back alley. She teased him that they’d be enjoying a picnic by a dumpster, but instead she reserved studio time for them to record a rap song. Fans of “The Bachelor” can only imagine how bad it went.

The good news for Chris was that meeting Kaitlyn’s family went much better. They opened their home to him, and Kaitlyn admitted to her mother that she could see herself falling in love with him. Later that night she surprised him with a billboard that read “Kaitlyn <3 Chris.”

Hometown Date #4: Jade

Chris’ fourth and final hometown date visit was to Gering, Nebraska to see Jade. While Chris was excited to see her, the 28-year-old cosmetics developer had a “dark cloud” hanging over her – she had to tell him about her past with Playboy.

Chris admitted to the cameras that he liked her values and that he was falling in love with her. However he didn’t anticipate what Jade’s family had to say about her. Her dad revealed that many old boyfriends found her “too much” to handle, and her brother dished that she was a “wild mustang.” This was the complete opposite of the shy, sweet girl he got to know at “The Bachelor” house.

The pair went back to Chris’ hotel and Jade finally came clean. She explained that when she moved to Los Angeles she felt really “liberated” and engaged in experiences that she wouldn’t normally have done – like pose for Playboy. Chris wasn’t expecting that, and when she asked if he wanted to see the photos he didn’t know what to say.

“This is about you,” he told her. “If it makes you feel more comfortable, sure.”

She pulled out a laptop and the pair looked at the photos … as well as a video. While he was caught off guard, he told her not to feel bad and that it didn’t change anything. He wanted to fall in love with a person, not their career or past. However, he did later admit to the cameras that some people he worked with in Iowa might not be okay with her past.

Episode 8 Rose Ceremony

Chris handed the first rose to Whitney and the second rose went to Kaitlyn. The third and final rose went to Becca, eliminating Jade from the competition.

“Things moved faster with the other girls and that’s all there is to it,” he told Jade. He added that her reveal about Playboy did not affect his decision.

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